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  • Barkers Family History

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  • BARKER Family History

    Descendants of John and Grace BarkerbyShaun L Wilson – February 2017 Barker families have resided in Hampsthwaite since the early seventeenth century and were extensive in the area during the nineteenth century. From the 1881 England Census for Hampsthwaite taken on 3rd April that year, Barker was the most popular name totalling 57 out of 457 people enumerated – 12.5% of those recorded living in Hampsthwaite at the time of that census. From the registers of Hampsthwaite parish, Barkers were in existence as early as 1610. The earliest Barker mentioned is John Barker, son of Peter who was baptised on 17th March that year.Where Hampsthwaite is mentioned in this article it refers to both village and parish. We will never know exactly where the early Barker’s dwelling houses were as they are not recorded in either the parish registers or on the early census returns, but it is assumed that they lived in the village or within the parish. It was not until the England Census of 1911 that full address details were given together with the total number of children born alive to the present marriage of the head of the family.
  • Tom Wright reflects upon the Barker family in Hampsthwaite

    As far as I can ascertain there were no Barkers in Hampsthwaite prior to the 18th century. The earliest reference I could find was to the marriage of John Barker, a tailor, to Ann Messenger (daughter of William Messenger) in the parish church sometime near the beginning of the 1700s. I don’t know from whence he originated.They had several children, as did all the Barkers, but I have only recorded my own direct ancestors. They were his son James Barker (1744) & Hannah Dousland; William Barker (1781) & Catherine Swale; John Barker (1810) & Mary Nutter; George Barker (1845) & Sarah ???  who themselves produced Rowland Barker and siblings. He married Eliza Jackson (from an even older family in Birstwith) and they were my maternal Grandparents.(See also and )
  • Disclaimer

    The information and materials throughout Hampsthwaite Village website are provided in good faith. Content is original or prepared from publicly available information or from other sources which are believed to be reliable.But you should not rely upon any information or materials on this website in making or refraining from making any specific business decision or other decisions.Hampsthwaite Village website contains information that is created and maintained by a variety of sources both internal and external to Hampsthwaite Parish Council.Information held in the Hampsthwaite Parish Council section of this website is for your general information and use only and does not constitute any advice or recommendation (professional or otherwise).Any views expressed or content posted in other sections of Hampsthwaite Village website are not necessarily endorsed by Hampsthwaite Parish Council.Neither Hampsthwaite Parish Council nor the authors of the Hampsthwaite Village website accept responsibility for any information contained in external websites that are linked to, and accept no liability in connection with their services or information.Whilst every effort is made to keep the information on this web site accurate, the website authors disclaim any warranty or representation, expressed or implied about its accuracy, completeness or appropriateness for a particular purpose. Thus you assume full responsibility for using the information on this website, and you understand and agree that neither Hampsthwaite Parish Council nor any of its employees, agents or authors of Hampsthwaite Village website is responsible or liable for any claim, loss or damage resulting from its use.In using the Hampsthwaite Village website, you will be deemed to accept these terms.
  • Parish Council Minutes Archive 2017

    Minutes from Parish Council meetings in 2017
  • Northern Powergrid and Gas Networks

    The Northern Power Grid and the Northern Gas Networks are the organisations responsible for the delivery of  electricity and gas within our region
  • Yoga Classes

    Jann is a Yoga & Energy Medicine Teacher and Therapist and lover of all things Holistic, Herbal, Organic and Natural and I’m a life long passionate supporter of The Healing Arts that are rooted in our Ancient Wisdoms of Massage, Dancing, Sound, Singing, Drumming, Painting, Meditating, Coming together in circle. Jann's weekly sessions are hosted at Hampsthwaite Memorial Hall and listed in the hall's Contact Jann for details:Tel:  07585 807046Web: (with Events section at
  • SuperFast North Yorkshire

    Beware of Computer Scams If you receive a  phone call purporting to be from Microsoft support or similar, to say that your computer has sent them a critical error message, ignore it even if they have your phone number and name!They will get you to visit a particular web page in your web browser. Something on the web page will enable them to have control of your computer. They can then load spyware, steal passwords or just use your machine to relay other illegal content, for example.If you think it might be genuine (VERY unlikely!), thank the caller, put the phone down, then contact your computer supplier or Microsoft Support yourself - see Whenever you receive an unexpected email just copy the subject line or part of its text and paste it into Google. You will soon discover if it is a scam. NEVER open links or accept attachments from emails you are unsure of. Remember: if it sounds too good to be true; it probably is!
  • Hampsthwaite Picture House

    Check the programme of film screenings by visiting the Hampsthwaite Picture House website. Films screened at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated. Come along and enjoy an evening with family and friends sat at our convivial, candle-lit tables with refreshments, 'nibbles', food and bar as appropriate to the film being shown. Tickets available from Hampsthwaite Post Office ( or at the door if available) - why not book a table and come as a group?
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YLCA Communications

YLCA Communications for Current Year

Training Events in July

Please find below list of training events for July.

If you wish to book or reserve places please fill in the attached booking form and email to, confirmation will then be sent along with an invoice.

Chairmanship Skills
This is a session suitable for all chairmen and vice-chairmen.  We will examine the general principles of chairmanship, effectiveness of a good agenda, management of meetings, stimulating discussion, managing the public and effective working with the clerk and other councillors.
Wednesday, 12 July 10am to 4.00pm at The Holiday Inn, Clifton, Brighouse, HD6 4HW
Cost £115 per delegate full day event with lunch and refreshments provided.
Thursday, 20 July 7pm to 9.30pm at Tankersley Manor Hotel, Church Lane, Tankersley, Barnsley, S75 3DQ
Cost £45 per delegate evening session with refreshments provided on arrival.
There are a few places left on both of these events.

Local Council Award Scheme (LCAS)
In the past year 11 councils have achieved either the Foundation or Quality levels of the LCAS and a number of others are preparing applications.  This session will demonstrate to councils what they need to do to achieve the Foundation Award.  We hope that there will be good take up of this session as this is something that all local councils can achieve
Tuesday, 18 July 1pm to 3pm at Northallerton Town Council Offices, Upper Hall, Town Hall, High Street, Northallerton, DL7 8QR
Tuesday, 25 July 1pm to 3pm at The Cedar Court Hotel Bradford, Rooley Lane, Bradford, BD5 8HW
Cost £40 per delegate with refreshments on arrival.

Play Area Training Seminar
The day will include seminars on the design of Children’s Play Areas, Consultation and Project Management, Funding and Playground Inspection and Maintenance.
Thursday, 27 July 9.30am to 3.30pm at Wheldrake Village Hall, Broad Highway, Wheldrake, York, YO19 6BU
Cost £40.00 per delegate to include lunch and refreshments.

Booking FormBooking Form (32.3k bytes)

Play Area Training Seminar - Thursday 27 July

Please find attached a programme and booking form for a play area training seminar we are running in conjunction with Playscheme on Thursday 27 July (9.30am to 3.15pm) at Wheldrake Village Hall near York. The seminar will cost £40 and include sessions on design and funding as well as an on site practical workshop looking at risk assessment and maintenance.
Booking FormBooking Form (33.8k bytes)

Procedures, Powers and Policies Training Event - Tuesday, 3 August

This session builds on the new councillor seminars that we provided in 2015 and would be particularly suitable for the members who attended those courses to broaden their knowledge further.  Councillors who have been in office for some time who would like a refresher will also find this seminar helpful.

Tuesday, 8 August 7pm to 9.30pm at The Cedar Court Hotel Bradford, Rooley Lane, Bradford, BD5 8HW

Cost £45 per delegate

Refreshments are provided on arrival.

If you wish to book or reserve places please fill in the attached booking form and email to, confirmation will then be sent along with an invoice.
Booking FormBooking Form (32.3k bytes)

Training Programme 2017

Please find attached the training programme for 2017 and booking form.   This programme covers courses being provided directly by YLCA in the next few months.  In due course members will receive details of further courses that we are arranging in a range of topics, with external presenters.

Evening and half day sessions include light refreshments and full day courses also include a two course lunch.

All bookings must be accompanied with a booking form, confirmation will then be sent along with an invoice.
Training ProgrammeTraining Programme (78.8k bytes)
Booking FormBooking Form (32.3k bytes)


The Data protection Act 1998 is the main piece of legislation which governs the protection of personal data today.  The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) provides guidance about the application of the Act to member councils by way of Legal Topic Note 38 which is available from the YLCA website - (NALC section) and the NALC website –


Digital Councils seminar

·         Yesterday we held our third Digital Councils seminar at the London offices of AON who I am grateful to for hosting and sponsoring the event. Subjects covered included the power of digital communications, case studies examples of the digital journeys councils have undertaken, branding for councils in the digital age, legal and risk management frameworks for operating online, a new social media community for local areas and an open mic session; speaker presentation slides will be available on the website shortly. Feedback was very positive indeed with 95% of delegates rating the conference overall very good or good and I also wanted to share some of their written comments: “really useful”, “nice to see how other councils are operating” “informative and knowledgeable”, “a really excellent and engaging day”, and “a worthwhile and enjoyable day”. You can read more about the event on the Twitter hashtag #nalcevents.

NALC Annual Conference and Exhibition 2017

·         Our Annual Conference and Exhibition 2017 will be an essential event for councillors, council officers, county association members and officers as local councils join with other parts of the public (including government and principal councils), private and voluntary sectors to discuss the key policy issues of the moment. The important themes will centre on partnership working, economic development, sustainability, health and well being, housing and planning, and openness and transparency. What I am sure will be a brilliant two-day event will also celebrate NALC’s 70th anniversary and our Star Councils 2017 winners, as well as our host city Milton Keynes being 50 years old this year. For general delegates, you can find out more information and now book your places; separate booking information for county association delegates will be circulated next week.

MJ magazine article

·         The MJ (one of the leading local government magazines) this week includes an article by our chairman Cllr Sue Baxter on how in the wake of recent metro mayor elections the new Government, whatever its hue, should relaunch the devolution project but ensure it is effective and engages all local communities including parishes.

Council tax statistics

·         Parish precepts have risen by 0.2 per cent on last year’s increase according to Department for Communities and Local Government’s recently published live tables providing Band D Council Tax figures, average Council Tax per dwelling and Council Tax statistics for parish and town councils. Headlines include: total precepts increased by just over £40 million to £485 million, the average Band D is now £61.03 per year compared to £57.40 on 2015/16, a rise of 6.3 per cent to £3.63 (or 7p per week). We are in the process of undertaking further analysis of this data as part of our ongoing work on council tax referendums, this will be discussed at the forthcoming meeting of Policy Committee.

Transparency Fund

·         Earlier this week 76 applications for the May window of applications to the Transparency Fund were approved, totalling £46,677.47.  This was a shorter than normal window as the Fund went live on 28 April so a huge thanks to county associations for their ongoing efforts in promoting the Transparency Code, Fund and in submitting applications – please keep this up! The below table illustrates take-up to date by county association:

Celebrating Community Champions as part of Volunteers’ Week

·         Next week marks the beginning of Volunteers’ Week 2017, an annual event from 1-7 June which celebrates the difference volunteers make to communities across the country. This year NALC will be playing its part through our Community Champions Week aimed at promoting the amazing 80,000 people who give up time and hold public office as local parish and town councillors; we’ll also be shining a spotlight on the wider work of local councils and the volunteers they work with, so please do get involved.

Star Councils 2017

·         And finally a reminder about our Star Councils 17 (sponsored by Aon and other commercial partners and mentioned above) which is a brilliant way of showcasing the work of our councils and county associations; I would really like encourage you to enter or and follow in the footsteps of last year’s winners including Council of the Year Oswestry Town Council – more details including how to enter are on the website, deadline is 28 July 2017.

Fields in Trust: Creating a legacy of protected outdoor spaces

On Monday 22nd May, Fields in Trust launched a new programme called Active Spaces which is in partnership with a national funding partner to get more people physically active and using outdoor spaces.   YLCA is writing to pass on information that we have received from Jamie Leeson, the Fields in Trust Development Manager.

The programme aims to help increase participation in a diverse range of physical activities on local parks, playing fields and green spaces which will be protected for future generations to use and enjoy.


Parks and green spaces have been getting a lot of air time recently, with the publication of the Communities & Local Government (CLG) Parliamentary Committee’s Report into the future of public parks. The report recognises their value and potential in promoting healthy lifestyles and tackling social exclusion but warns that they face a period of decline unless strategic action is taken.

There is also the shift in the Department for Culture, Media and Sport thinking and the focus on activity rather than formal sport which, as we all know, is a driving force in Sport England’s strategy and investment funding.

Parks and informal green spaces have an important role to play in helping deliver this activity agenda being the settings for entry level activity – inactive people don’t suddenly start playing sport in a formal setting, they walk, jog, cycle or play – and they need safe local green spaces to do this.

Activity Grants

The Active Spaces programme combines the protection in perpetuity of green spaces, together with revenue funding to engage inactive people on those spaces. Each site will be offered delivery of a physical activity project on-site to the value of £5,000 to serve local needs and target identified groups of inactive people.

Sites and projects will be selected following an assessment which will include likely impact and will also consider whether local funding has been secured to increase project value. The activation projects can be delivered by:

  • programme delivery partner Our Parks;
  • the local council itself; or
  • a delivery agent selected by the local council

Projects will be subject to monitoring and evaluation reporting and will run during 2017 and 2018.

Find out more

The deadline for the first funding round is Friday 7th July, with decisions made by Friday 21st July.  Jamie Leeson is very happy to talk to councils that are interested in applying and will also meet with you to discuss the prospects of newly protected green space.

Jamie can be contacted at: or by telephone: 020 7427 2124

Weekly bulletin from the Chief Executive of the National Association of Local Councils

Each week the Chief Executive of the National Association of Local Councils, Dr Jonathan Owen, produces a bulletin updating us on the work that is has been undertaking, current consultations and issues of interest to the parish sector.  The bulletins can be found on the NALC website which all YLCA members have access to but we will now be sending the bulletins to you on a weekly basis.

White Rose Update May edition

See : Please find attached the latest edition of White Rose Update.
WRU May 2017WRU May 2017 (1.63M bytes)


Please note that this meeting will be held on Monday 12, June 2017 at 7.00pm in The Jubilee Room (above the Library), St James Square, Boroughbridge, YO51 9AR (right in the centre of Boroughbridge).

Hampsthwaite Parish Council - Use of s. 137 of The Local Government Act 1972 (Our Ref: May38)

Bulletin on S137 expenditure


The new hard copy of The Good Councillor’s Guide 2017 is now available.


Please see the attached briefing which is relevant in the run up to local elections.  The key issues covered in this advisory note are local publications and the publication of publicity in the lead up to elections.
Code of PracticeCode of Practice (37.8k bytes)

YLCA Annual Review 2016/2017

We like to use photographs of the Yorkshire area in our annual review.  If you have some good photos of features of your parish, please send them to us in j.peg format, telling us the name of the parish and details of what is in the photo.  Please send these to:
Flooding problems at Allerton Mauleverer

Residents of the parish of Allerton Mauleverer with Hopperton have experienced flooding for some time due to poor drainage.  The parish meeting is liaising with the highway authority as it is believed that the cause of the problem is a collapsed/blocked drain passing under the main street through the village. However, the parish meeting is keen to do something itself to alleviate the problem and would like to hear from any parish councils or parish meetings who have satisfactorily used consultants who can give advice on a new drainage system.

 If you can help please contact the Clerk, David Hopperton on: 07703 356473 or 01937 587188 or e-mail him at:


It is a chance to hear about why digital working increasingly matters, the importance of doing it and how to do it.   It will provide an opportunity to look at some best practice and hear some new ideas.  The cost is £75 plus VAT (total £90) per delegate for councils/parish meetings who are affiliated to NALC via their county association.   Councils that hold any level of the Local Council Award Scheme can get a reduction in the fee - £60 plus VAT (total £72.00) per delegate.

Full information and a booking form is available on the NALC website, under ‘Events’.  All councils have been issued with log-in details for the NALC website by YLCA.

You may like to note that YLCA is planning some workshops in the next few months that address the use of websites, Facebook, Twitter and other information sharing platforms.  Information coming out shortly.

Parish precepts - Request to demonstrate restrain

White Rose Update March edition

Rural Affordable Housing Schemes - Request for Case Study Examples

We have received the following information and request from the Royal Town Planning Institute via the National Association of Local Councils.

“RTPI collecting examples of rural affordable housing schemes which have been facilitated by planning/ neighbourhood planning

The RTPI is looking for examples of how planning can facilitate rural  affordable housing.   The review focuses on the role of planning in delivering affordable housing. This takes a broad definition of affordability which encompasses not only house prices but also issues like transport accessibility, local economic opportunities, and access to public services.

They are seeking case studies of rural affordable housing schemes in which planning has played a positive enabling role, so they can understand what has worked in practice in different parts of the country. They  would be very grateful for recommendations of proposed/completed housing schemes – especially those testing innovative approaches to making them affordable.”

If you are aware of any such examples in your parishes please let the RTPI know via the above link (preferably within the next couple of weeks). We would also be grateful for a copy of any examples you send to them.

NALC DIS and Grants & Funding Bulletins

For information. Please find attached the latest information and grant and funding bulletins produced by the National Association of Local Councils.
DISDIS (915k bytes)

Auditor Appointments for Smaller Authorities for the 2017/18 to 2021/22 Financial Years

The Associations have received notification that following a successful procurement exercise the Sector Led Body, the Smaller Authorities Audit Appointments Ltd (SAAA), have appointed external auditors for smaller authorities (including parish and town councils and parish meetings) for the 2017/2018 – 2021/22 financial years. The appointed external auditors for all parish and town councils and parish meetings in North, South and West Yorkshire who have not opted out of the Sector Led Body will be PKF Littlejohn LLP. PKF Littlejohn are currently the appointed auditors for North and West Yorkshire but not for South Yorkshire.

Please do note that for the financial year 2016/17 there will be no changes to your existing external audit arrangements and you should continue to work with your existing external auditors on limited assurance reviews for accounts for this financial year. The new appointments only become effective for the five year period in relation to accounts for the financial year beginning on 1 April 2017.

Further information about the audit appointments can be found at the SAAA website below.

We understand that all parish and town councils and parish meetings will receive further information in due course about the arrangements for 2017/18 onwards directly from SAAA and/or from PKF Littlejohn.

Harrogate Branch meeting 20 February 2017

YLCA branches are an opportunity for councillors and clerks of member councils to meet together to discuss issues of mutual interest and concern.  Branches can and do invite speakers on parish matters.  Your council can influence local, regional and national issues via the branch meeting.
Notice of MeetingNotice of Meeting (210k bytes)

Training seminars in Planning and Development and Neighbourhood Planning

From March late April the Associations are concentrating their planning programme on planning and development and neighbourhood plans.  We have arranged day long seminars in a number of locations and these will focus on helping councils to understand their role in the planning system and guide them in making effective responses to planning applications.  We are running one seminar focusing on the production of a Neighbourhood Plan from the inception stage through to examination and formal adoption and if there is sufficient demand for this session we will be able to provide more as necessary.

The sessions are being led by Andrew Towlerton who has worked in various senior roles in planning policy for North East Derbyshire District Council and Rotherham MBC. A qualified planner, he is a former employee of YLCA and also the part-time planning adviser for the Society of Local Council Clerks.  He is also a clerk to a parish council in the Rotherham area so is familiar with the policies and procedures of local councils.

At the Neighbourhood Planning seminar, Andrew will be assisted by Councillor Peter Allison, a member of Wilsden Parish Council in West Yorkshire.  Peter is one of the Government’s Neighbourhood Planning Champions who are people that have been identified as at the forefront of neighbourhood planning, with first-hand experience of the neighbourhood plan development process. The role of Champions is to promote neighbourhood plans, offer advice and support to groups who are on the neighbourhood planning journey and encourage and inspire new groups to shape development in their areas through the production of neighbourhood development plans.

Please find the information brochure and booking forms attached and if you need any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch.

NALC Grants and Funding Bulletin December 2016

Please find attached, for your information and reference,  NALC Grants and Funding Bulletin, December 2016.

The bulletin provides guidance and details of various current grant and funding providers to the sector.

Request for photographs

Please could you forward us recent photographs of your parishes or of parish council activities/events, please send them to us in j.peg format, telling us the name of the parish and details of what is in the photo.  Please send these to:  Thank you.

NALC Grants and Funding Bulletin December 2016

The bulletin provides guidance and details of various current grant and funding providers to the sector.