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  • Preserving Our Past

    The churchyard of St Thomas a'Beckett, and its Chapel-of-Ease at Felliscliffe hold within them a wealth of local heritage via their Memorial Inscriptions and Burial Records. Why so many infant deaths, what was happening in society at the time of burial, was there a war or an illness affecting the population? How many local families are represented there and are there any well known names - or not so well nown but with an interesting story attached? Is the design of the Memorial interesting in terms of its art work or the language used?This section of our website aims to list phtographs of all Memorials, together with their Inscriptions and Church Records so that such questions may be answered by browsing or searching both now and in the foreseeable future - even long after some inscriptions may have faded beyond readability.
  • Wiliam Bell 1811-1879

  • Wiliam Lupton 1775-1859

  • Thomas Watson 1825 -1903

  • Hampsthwaite Bridge - photo

    "Hampsthwaite Bridge over the River Nidd. Built in 1598, rebuilt 1640, alterations made in the 19th century. I have been wanting to photograph this bridge for a while now; today the winter light, the sparse vegetation and the mottled snow that remained on the bank of a feeder drain, were perfect."Simon HillJanuary 17th 2021(click photo to return to full article)
  • Previous COVID-19 Announcements

    Previous announcements and updates from UK Gov and ACRE
  • DT Forge

    DT Forge exists to promote good craftsmanship in a rich variety of materials, using traditional hand crafting techniques, supplemented by modern tooling and processes. Products range from original designs in high quality materials to artefacts made by sensitive recycling of iconic objects with the aim of extending their lifespan. "Making something out of the ordinary, out of the ordinary”
  • Memorial Hall and COVID-19

    The Memorial Hall Management Committee has taken steps to qualify the hall as being COVID-19 Secure as follows: We have conducted a Memorial Hall Risk Assessment and made it available to all users. We have cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures in line with UK Government guidance We have taken all reasonable steps to help hall users keep safe from COVID-19 We have taken all reasonable steps to help Hirers maintain Social Distancing when using the hall Where people cannot keep 2m apart we have advised Hirers on the mitigating actions they might take to manage transmission risk
  • VE Day 75 - Stay at Home Street Party - 8th May 2020

    Stay at Home Street Party - Decorate your House in Red, White & Blue and enjoy a picnic in your front Garden”.The village was bedecked in red, white and blue bunting (see also a short video taken by resident Charles Charlesworth on the Hampsthwaite Memorial Hall FaceBook page)Teas were prepared by the local coffee shop, Sophie's.With sandwiches, sausage roll, cream scone and Victoria sponge. One recipient later declared it to be “As good as tea at the Ritz”. A VE day quiz was also distributed with each tea.A group of volunteers distributed the teas, one came appropriately dressed in an outfit from the 1940s
  • Frank and Peggy Shuffe - Licensees at the Joiners Arms 1956-1977

    Frank Shuffe, the from 1956, was an English professional footballer who played as a right back for Bradford City and later became trainer at Valley Parade.On leaving football he became manager of the The Prospect Hotel at Ecckeshill, Bradford during October 1953 before moving on to become Landlord of the Joiner's Arms in 1956 Frank died at Harrogate Hospital on 7 February 1973 after a short illness aged 55. Peggy continued on with their son John, a keen sportsman, until she retired in 1978 and moved to live near friends in Scotland  
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White Rose Update Newsletter December Issue


 In Legal Briefing L05-17, NALC confirmed that the requirement in the Data Protection Act 1998 (“the 1998 Act”) to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office (“ICO”) as a data controller (i.e. a person who, alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data) and pay a notification fee will not apply when the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) is implemented and the 1998 Act is repealed next year (the present notification fee, based on the data controller’s size, is either £35 or £500). However, a recent ICO blog has confirmed that there will still be a legal requirement on data controllers (i.e. local councils as data controllers) to pay a “data protection fee” when new data protection legislation comes into force next year.

For further information please find attached  NALC Legal Briefing LO7-17 ‘Payment of Fees to the Information Commissioner’s Office’

Upgraded YLCA website

Our website has recently been upgraded by Vision ICT so when you log into the site it will look different.  Please could you pass this message to councillors where they have access to the site as well.   The username and password that your council/parish meeting has been issued remains the same and the web address is also unchanged:

National Association of Local Councils - Chief Executive's Bulletin 36 - 13 October 2017

National Association of Local Councils - Chief Executive's Bulletin 35 - 6 October 2017

Conservative Party Conference 2017
·         Our chairman Cllr Sue Baxter was in Manchester at the Conservative Party Conference earlier this week where she was supported by our head of policy and development in an extensive engagement programme to promote the sector, raise our profile with conservative politicians and stakeholders and discuss policy with the government, politicians and councillors away from Westminster.
·         Meetings with prominent politicians included Tim Bowles, metro mayor of West of England, James Palmer, metro mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, an advisor to Andy Street the metro mayor of the West Midlands, Alison Hernandez, police and crime commissioner for Devon and Cornwall and David Lloyd, police and crime commissioner for Hertfordshire. And following their recent meeting about parish finance Sue held a further meeting with local government minister Marcus Jones MP to discuss a range of policy issues such as parish poll reform, localism and sustainable communities legislation, plans for a public service ombudsman, guidance on community governance reviews and the impact of General Data Protection Regulations. At an event hosted by the Local Government Association (LGA) Sue also spoke to secretary of state for communities and local government Sajid Javid MP, LGA chairman Lord Porter and the new chairman of the LGA Conservative Group Cllr David Simmonds.
·         Sue and Justin participated in a number of fringe events, promoting the important and growing role of parishes in delivering public services, taking on and running libraries, planning for housing through neighbourhood planning as well as tackling isolation and improving health and well being, with the highlight being Sue’s speech at an event hosted by Respublica and Hastoe Housing Association in which she spoke about the Rural Coalition’s rural statement and encouraged more parishes to get involved in neighbourhood planning.
·         You may be interested to watch the conference speech by Sajid Javid MP, which for the second year running had housing as his top priority with announcements including making it mandatory for every landlord to be part of an ombudsman scheme, requiring all letting agents to be regulated in order to practice, creating new incentives for landlords who offer longer term tenancies and consulting with the judiciary on the case for a new housing court.
·         In the prime minister’s address to conference on Wednesday (which you can watch again or read in full) Theresa May MP apologised for the general election campaign, announced an independent review of mental health provision, a cap on energy bills, confirmed the review of student university fees and loans along with a freeze in the cap on tuition fees, and issued a plea for unity calling on her party to “shape up”.

Meeting with Association of Local Council Clerks
·         Together with our chairman Cllr Sue Browse I met with Sam Shippen and Lis Moore from the new trade union the Association of Local Council Clerks (ALCC) on 19 September.  It was a helpful discussion covering a range of issues and we subsequently agreed the following statement: "NALC and ALCC have had two constructive meetings following the establishment of the trade union when SLCC divested its union role, a move NALC supported. As representative bodies for employers and clerks respectively we are committed to having a continuing regular dialogue on issues relating to terms and conditions for clerks in the sector including national agreements, contracts, pay and other conditions.”

NALC annual conference and Star Councils 2017
·         The final countdown for booking to attend our brilliant annual conference is drawing to a close and you now have just a week until the deadline on Friday 13 October! Why not join hundreds of others who have already booked to join us at this not to be missed event. We’ve a great line up of speakers including Sajid Javid MP, secretary of state for Communities and Local Government, Angela Rippon, broadcaster and celebrity, Mark Lloyd, chief executive of the LGA, Fiona Stafford, academic and broadcaster, Cllr Peter Marland, leader of Milton Keynes Council, Dr Jane Martin, Committee for Standards and Public Life, Sarah Richards, chief executive of the Planning Inspectorate and Rob Varley, chief executive of the Met Office. If that hasn’t whet your appetite enough, don’t forget we will also be announcing the winners from our Star Councils 2017 shortlist at the 70th Anniversary conference dinner.

Data Protection
·         In my bulletin two weeks ago I outlined the progress we have made so far with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport on the introduction of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the Data Protection Bill and I wanted to share a letter from them following our recent meeting which sets out their views and the action they are taking. Thank you to those of you who responded to my request for information about costs of compliance and support needs which will help us make the case for government to provide more support to the sector. In terms of our own support, in addition to the legal briefings we have already issued the legal training day for county association staff on 21 November 2017 will be on GDPR and I have written to county officers about this today. The second reading of the Data Protection Bill is on Tuesday in the House of Lords and we are briefing Peers on our concerns about the impact of GDPR especially the need for more support.

Council tax referendums campaign
·         This week we met with officials from the Department for Communities to discuss parish precepts and the technical consultation on local government finance; as a result of this meeting and our discussion with Marcus Jones MP at Conservative Party conference I wanted to let you know about the approach we are proposing to take to the consultation.
·         As you know, last year the government proposed extending council tax referendums to parishes and we mounted an extensive mobilisation campaign to successfully oppose this. The government decided to defer their proposals, keep parish precepts under close review and challenged councils to demonstrate restraint and increase transparency.
·         However this year the consultation strikes a different and less threatening tone but does invite evidence of how the sector is responding to the challenge by considering all available options to mitigate the need for council tax increases, including the use of reserves or for ‘invest to save’ projects which will lower on-going revenue costs.
·         We will be responding to the consultation making the case for continuation of the current position as well as pressing for more certainty through a multi-year settlement, along with providing evidence on specific issues we know the government are interested in. Therefore I would again welcome help from councils who increased their precept by telling us: the ways in which you engaged with local people about increasing the precept before and after budget setting; how you considered or are already using other sources of income such as reserves – so please email Unlike last year we are not currently asking for all councils and county associations to respond to the consultation and lobby their MPs, although you are obviously free to do so if you wish. But if we detect any shift in tone by the government or change of position in the local government finance settlement in December we will of course be seeking your help.
·         As I know most local councils are already underway with budget preparations for next year, can I take the opportunity to urge you to be alert to the government’s challenge and strongly encourage you to take steps to ensure you are engaging with local people over precept setting, be as transparent as you possibly can and consider other funding sources to take the pressure off the precept. Ultimately, however, you know your place and your people, so are best placed to make spending decisions on local priorities and be held accountable locally for those!

Top comedian backs town council campaign
·         And finally I was delighted to hear comedian Eddie Izzard has thrown his weight behind campaigners’ calls for Bexhill to have its own town council. The comedian and celebrity aired his views at the recent Labour Party conference as well as meeting with campaigners, and said: “Other towns have a town council. We don’t, so let’s go out and get one. Let’s have democracy in Bexhill”. Great to have Eddie on board

YLCA Request for Information - Emergency 'Call-Out' Policy

Wickersley Parish Council is looking to draft and adopt an emergency ‘call out’ policy to set out procedures, pay, etc for staff dealing with issues outside of ‘normal working ‘ hours.

The council is seeking examples and information from any member councils which may have adopted such a policy. Can you share your policy by way of an example? Can you forward any additional relevant information to Wickersley Parish Council which may assist in the drafting and implementation of such a policy?

Please forward any information you consider relevant directly to, Ms Rachel Chico, Clerk to Wickersley Parish Council at:

White Rose Update September Edition

Please find attached the latest edtion of White Rose Update
White Rose UpdateWhite Rose Update (3.78M bytes)

Training Events September to November

There is still availability left on the following training events if you wish to book a place please fill in and return the attached booking form, confirmation will then be sent along with an invoice.

Introduction to Employment Law
(one/two day course)
Day 1 - Friday, 29 September
9.30am to 4.30pm
Day 2 - Friday, 3 November
9.30am to 4.30pm
York Offices of Lupton Fawcett, Stamford House, Piccadilly, York, YO1 9PP
The cost for a single day is £125 per delegate but if both days are booked by a member council, the cost will be £235 a saving of £15
Refreshments and lunch provided
Clerks Induction Day
Saturday, 30 September
10.30am to 4.00pm
Mercure York Fairfield Manor Hotel, Shipton Road, Skelton, York, YO30 1XW
£115 per delegate
Refreshments and lunch provided

Procedures, Powers and Policies
Wednesday, 4 October
7.00pm to 9.30pm
Middleham Key Centre, Park Lane, Middleham, Leyburn, DL8 4RA
£45 per delegate

Chairmanship Skills
Friday, 6 October
10am to 4.00pm
Mercure York Fairfield Manor Hotel, Shipton Road, Skelton, York, YO30 1XW
£115 per delegate
Refreshments and lunch provided

There are still places available on further events which are in the attached training programme.
Booking FormBooking Form (30.2k bytes)
Training ProgrammeTraining Programme (62.5k bytes)

YLCA Request for Information - Play equipment providers

Collingham with Linton Parish Council is seeking information from member councils, regarding providers of play equipment you have used and your experiences.  Is the council able to provide any recommendations and examples of positive experiences it has had with particular play equipment providers/ contractors? Alternatively, are you able to share any negative experience(s) of particular providers of such equipment ?

Please forward any information you consider relevant directly to, Ms Tina Wormley, Clerk to Collingham with Linton Parish Council, at


How to stay young

·         Have you been watching Angela Rippon presenting BBC’s ‘How to stay young’ TV programme this week? If so and you want to hear more from Angela, including her role promoting dementia friendly communities, why not come to our annual conference on 30/31 October 2017 where she will be giving a keynote speech – places are still available costing from just £50 for one day or £100 for two days.

Data protection
·         In the Summer we began talking to the government about the impact of the introduction of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the Data Protection Bill, now introduced to Parliament as part of the government’s plans to update data protection legislation. Since May, we have published a number of legal briefings to help councils understand the changes in the law and what they need to do to comply by 25 May 2018 when GDPR, including the requirement to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO), come into effect.
·         On Wednesday we met with officials from Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, the Department for Communities and Local Government and the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) to discuss the changes and their impact in more detail, explaining our concerns about the potential resource implications and in particular the impact this may have on council tax payers and the parish precept as well as seeking clarification on points such as application to parish meetings. We also requested more guidance and support to help councils get ready and ensure compliance from next year. In terms of next steps, officials have agreed to consider what further support government can offer, to work with ICO as well as NALC to see if generic ICO guidance can filter into sector specific content to assist parish councils and parish meetings to prepare for and comply with GDPR, and engage with the Local Government Association to ascertain if its members may help parish councils and meetings.
·         The second reading of the Data Protection Bill is on 10 October in the House of Lords and we have already begun briefing Peers on our concerns about the impact of GDPR and need for more support to the sector.
·         I am very keen to build up a better picture of the impact of GDPR on our councils (smaller councils in particular but not exclusively!) including estimated costs of compliance as well as hearing from you about what support and guidance you need – please get in touch with our policy and development team via if you’d like to help.  If you respond to NALC in this matter, please copy YLCA into your e-mail.  Thank you.

Communications User Group
·         The Communications User Group, led by NALC vice chairman Cllr Derek Liddell and involving a number of representatives from larger and smaller councils as well as from county associations, met on Wednesday and identified a number of areas for improvement such as: gathering more case studies and evidence from county associations and local councils to help our various campaigns and public relations work; exploring ways to target more of our communications to reach councilors in member councils; ease of access and navigation of the NALC website including the development of blogs; increasing the number of county associations that access and handle NALC publications; raising awareness of reputation management and crisis communications. The Group are also keen for all county associations to encourage councils to access the NALC website including the members area of the site, and to share communications like this bulletin with member councils. Other ongoing work includes exploring ways to increase attendance from smaller councils at NALC conferences and events and continuing NALC’s support for the Tree Charter campaign.

Housing and neighbourhood planning
·         Following the publication of their housing White Paper, DCLG has now launched a consultation ‘Planning for the right homes in the right places: consultation proposals’ with proposed changes to planning policy design and legislation. Our policy consultation briefing in the members area of the NALC website explains more and invites you to tell us what you think about the proposals, so can I urge you to take a few minutes to read and respond.
·         Given the starring role our councils are playing in neighbourhood planning – since 2012 over 2,200 groups have started the neighbourhood planning process with over 90 per cent led by our councils – we have continued to press government to provide the support councils need such as grants and technical help. Hence I’m pleased DCLG have just announced a funding package worth £22.8 million to help communities through the provision of specialist support.

New City of Durham Parish Council
·         And finally I wanted to let you know Durham County Council this week gave the go ahead to the creation of a new parish council for the City of Durham, with first elections taking place next May. Huge congratulations to colleagues at the county association who we have worked with and supported during numerous attempts to bring local democracy to the City over the years, fantastic to eventually get there.

NALC Chief Executive's Bulletin 32: 15 September 2017

Meeting with local government minister

·         This week our chairman Cllr Sue Baxter, policy adviser Andrew Tubb and I had a useful meeting with local government minister, Marcus Jones MP to discuss parish precepts.
·         We updated the minister on steps taken since December’s welcome decision not to extend referendum principles, to encourage councils to be financially transparent, pro-actively engage with residents on budget proposals and explore the use of other revenue streams in addition to raising the precept.
·         Our work on this issue has told us many parishes are actively engaging residents in budgeting process, take-up up of the Transparency Fund is good with more and more councils publishing financial information online. While Andrew’s recent survey shows 60% of parishes were actively using other revenue streams to support additional expenditure, rising external costs driven by greater involvement of parishes in delivering crucial services (from building dementia friendly communities to  embracing neighbourhood planning) as well as taking over of discretionary services previously provided by principal councils (which local residents wanted to see continue!) are continuing to place pressure on precepts.
·         We advised the minister that ensuring effective engagement across the sector would take time, as would supporting councils to maximize other income streams, and we asked him to support this and help embed changes by giving the sector a period of certainty through a multi-year deal not to extend referenda principles. He noted that parishes were increasingly becoming involved in new services, which he welcomed, however he indicated that high precept increases without proper consultation and engagement led to resident complaints to MPs. He indicated that a technical consultation on the local government finance settlement would be published and he would welcome continuing evidence on how the sector was working to address the current financial challenge. The 2018-19 Local Government Finance Settlement Technical Consultation was subsequently published yesterday and we will issuing further information on this next week.
·         Sue re-iterated it would take time to fully embed good practice across the sector and we want to work with the Government to deliver this. She also took the opportunity to restating NALC’s support for parishes receiving a share of business rates which the minister indicated was not on the table at present.
·         A few key points from subsequent discussions with civil servants: DCLG was planning to introduce the new parish polls provisions which NALC had campaigned for in Spring next year; work was underway to find an opportunity for legislation enabling principal councils to provide discretional rate relief for public conveniences (though we will continue to press for mandatory relief and I was pleased our former President Lord Lytton raised this issue in a parliamentary debate this week); the opportunity for local councils to engage with their principal councils to be included in applications for the 2018/19 business rates retention pilots – if anyone is exploring this with their upper tier colleagues we would be interested to know more and see how we can help.

Executive Committee
·         The Executive Committee met on Tuesday and in advance of the draft minutes being available here is a brief summary: the Committee agreed terms of reference for NALC’s new committees as well as proposals on how councillors could get involved in the work of county associations and NALC – this will be on the website in coming weeks and as we are keen to encourage more people to get involved at county and national level as part of our drive to promote diversity please give this some thought!; councilors noted an unqualified  annual report from our external auditors who indicated that our finances were sound; a strategic statement of intent with the Society of Local Council Clerks was endorsed and I will sharing more information on this shortly as it commits to developing a strong and effective partnership to support clerks, councillors and councils to deliver for their communities – our chairman Cllr Sue Baxter will also be talking about in her keynote address at SLCC’s annual conference; the Committee agreed to recommend two motions to NALC’s AGM in October, the first proposing minor constitutional changes to effect recent decisions by National Council on the committee structure and the second from FEMALC proposing a service level agreement between county associations and NALC; the Committee also met with colleagues from our new insurance partners BHIB to discuss our developing relationship and the needs of councils and county associations; and councillors are keen to encourage councils and county associations to promote membership of NALC to councils not in membership or considering leaving and the attached short three page summary on benefits of membership may help – if you require any assistance making the case or further information please let me know.

Diversity Commission
·         On Monday we hosted the second meeting of the Diversity Commission, here are a few highlights: Andrew Fazeley from the Fawcett Society introduced their ‘Does Local Government Work for Women?’ report, published in July 2017, which highlighted the real problem engaging women in local government and things need to change in order to get a fair gender balance in local government; the report’s recommendations aimed at helping solve the issues faced by women in town halls were supported by the Commission; agreement to develop a Diversity Pledge aimed at local councils and county associations as well as a model diversity policy; further engagement with other organisations who are promoting diversity; the Commission discussed and agreed content for the Diversity Commission web page, a ‘Tell us what you think’ call for evidence to for local county associations to share their experiences of what has worked well/less well and barriers to increasing diversity, and a national census of all local councillors which would be launched at the annual conference.   

Improvement and development board
·         The Improvement and Development Board met on Wednesday at NALC, here are some key points: an extensive session on poor performance including discussions on taking forward the chapter in the strategy on this could be defined and tackled in the sector, it was agreed to undertake further work and develop proposals for consideration at the next meeting; the Board noted work on training for responsible financial officers had been delayed; updated statistics on take up of the Local Council Award Scheme, CiLCA and publications such as the Good Councillor Guides were welcomed, along with a more concrete assessment of the number of ‘qualified clerks’ still active in the sector; the next meeting would again focus on poor performance as well the Local Council Award Scheme.

LCR Autumn
·         The latest issue of our magazine LCR is being delivered to your doors this week and the jam packed Autumn edition includes: NALC chairman Cllr Sue Baxter is the star of our ‘In Conversation’ feature’ and talks all things local council related; the new insurance broker in town – BHIB – explain what they what can offer to local councils; the chairman of NALC’s Policy Committee outlines the key thoughts and objectives behind the emerging NALC prospectus and future campaign themes; award-winning Condover Parish Council on their successful plan to bring affordable housing to the area; a review of the recent work of NALC’s Smaller Councils’ Committee; Cllr Jane Colville of Ashton Hayes Parish Council reflects on her time as a council chairman; help on getting your council’s finances in order in our finance special; pointers from one parish council on how to put in place a flooding prevention and emergency plan, top tips on getting your message across when attending a planning inquiry; how to help your local community protect and preserve its valuable open spaces; and ‘The Last Word’ from The Guardian professional networks editor Jane Dudman who asks if local councils really matter to the government.

Good Councillors Guide 2017
·         And finally I’m pleased to let you know the Good Councillors Guide is available again after its initial print run sold out! The publication can be ordered from YLCA.

Harrogate Branch Meeting - Monday, 2 October

The next meeting of the Harrogate Branch of the YLCA will be held on

IN THE JUBILEE ROOM (above the Library),
YO51 9AR. (In the centre of Boroughbridge)

Melisa Burnham, Improvement Manager from the NYCC Highways and Transportation Area 6 Boroughbridge Office will be attending the meeting to speak to parish representatives about the traffic impact that growth has on NYCC and the individual districts, ie due to planning developments.
AgendaAgenda (41.2k bytes)

Updated Training Programme September to November

Please find attached updated Training Programme for September to November 2017 and booking form.

If you wish to book for an event please ensure that a booking form is attached, confirmation will then be sent along with an invoice.

Please note the following events are now full:
  • Procedures, Powers and Policies on Tuesday, 28 September at Cedar Court Hotel Harrogate
  • Developing Yours Skills as a Councillor on Monday, 9 October at Cedar Court Hotel Ainley Top
  • Village Greens & Common Land on Thursday, 26 October at The Bridge Hotel Walshford
Yours sincerely
Joy Morgan
Booking FormBooking Form (30.2k bytes)

Plunkett Foundation - Inspiring Yorkshire event: 21 September 2017
In partnership with YLCA and Community First Yorkshire you can join The Plunkett foundation at Denton Hall, Ilkley, for an inspiring look at community ownership with case studies from thriving community groups.  This is a full day event from 9.30am to 4.00pm and the cost is £10 per delegate.

The following topics will be covered:
    Benefits of community ownership
    A look at how to get started
    Legal structures
    What funding is available
    Business planning advice
    How to ensure volunteer retention
    Follow-on support
The event is suitable for early stage community groups as well as parish and town councils and parish meetings. Bookings should be made through the Plunkett Foundation via the link below.

Click here to find out more and reserve your place.

Yours sincerely
Chris Pilkington

Procedures, Powers and Policies

There are still places available on this event, if you wish to book a place please find attached booking form.

This session builds on the new councillor seminars provided by YLCA and would be particularly suitable for the members who attended those courses to broaden their knowledge.  Councillors who have been in office for some time who would like a refresher will also find this seminar helpful.

Thursday, 7 September 7pm to 9.30pm
Northallerton Town Council Offices, Upper Hall, Town Hall, High Street, Northallerton, DL7 8QR
Cost £45 per delegate
Refreshments are provided

Training Programme September to November

Please find attached updated Training Programme for September to November 2017 and booking form.

If you wish to book for an event please ensure that a booking form is attached, confirmation will then be sent along with an invoice
Training ProgrammeTraining Programme (70.1k bytes)
Booking FormBooking Form (30.2k bytes)


Wilsden Parish Council has requested that we seek a response from our member councils to following:

‘What is your single most successful idea for dealing with cyclists using footpaths’?

Please forward your response directly to Gail Denham, Clerk to Wilsden Parish Council, at:
For the attention of council who are undertaking a Neighbourhood Plan

We have had a request from Kirkburton Parish Council for help in assessing the amount of time that the Parish Clerk will need to support the production of a Neighbourhood Plan.

The Council is currently producing a neighbourhood plan for one village within the parish (a large parish with a number of communities), in conjunction with a local group.  The Council is concerned how much staff time this will mean in reality.  The group is doing most of the work with the Clerk putting everything through the Council as required before onward submission to the principal authority.  The clerk will be the co-ordinator between the two groups and will give advice to the steering group and check the information/documentation that the group produces prior to it being presented to the Council.  The Clerk has been asked to produce a report outlining the number of hours that she anticipates will be needed to fulfil the tasks and is wondering whether any other councils had completed such a plan and could provide some help in terms of how much time it took the Clerk to provide support to the Neighbourhood Planning group.

If you can assist please give your feedback direct to the Clerk, Mrs Angela Royle at:


YLCA is aware that many councils own and manage listed buildings and have historic settings/ heritage sites within their community and consequently require specialised information and guidance on how to undertake this role effectively.

We are looking to host a training event aimed at anyone who owns or looks after listed buildings, is considering taking over such buildings or is involved with historic settings/heritage sites. The course content will include:

    What listing is.
    How listing applies to local councils
    Conservation management plans
    Maintenance plans
    Working in historic settings/heritage sites what to look for, encourage and avoid
    Practical advice from experts in the field.

As the external speaker, who has a vast array of experience and a career spanning archaeology, historic buildings and heritage sites, has some distance to travel to deliver the course, we are writing to ask whether you would be interested in attending such a training session, at a date and venue to be confirmed.

If you are interested (this will not be considered a commitment to attending) please send your details to Joy Morgan at as soon as possible.


The YLCA  is aware that many councils host a variety of community events and a number have approached us with regards to relevant training in successful event management. Last week YLCA hosted a one day seminar on ‘ Successful Event Management for Local Councils and Community Groups’; the course content covered:

    Researching and then delivering events your customers actually want
    Designing and positioning your event for maximum impact
    Project planning, budgeting and contracting competent contractors
    Selecting, evaluating and planning your venue
    Designing an engaging well planned event programme
    Achieving great audiences numbers through effective event promotion
    Leading and briefing your event team
    Delivering a safe well run event and writing event risk assessments

The event was very quickly full and a real success; delegates commented; ‘excellent training’ ‘ very useful’  ‘well qualified presenter, knew his stuff and gave plenty of practical examples’ ‘made me think outside the box’ ‘would recommend’

We are therefore writing to ask whether you would be interested in the YLCA hosting another similar event at a date and venue to be confirmed?

If you are interested (this will not be considered as a commitment to attending) please send your details to Joy Morgan at as soon as possible.

White Rose Update August Edition

Please find attached the latest edition of White Rose Update and YLCA Training provision – August to November 2017.

NALC Chief Executive's Bulletin 29 - 4 August 2017

Sajid Javid to address annual conference

·         I’m delighted to let you know that the secretary of state for communities and local government, Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP, will be a keynote speaker (subject to parliamentary business) at October’s annual conference – which is shaping up to be the biggest and best ever!

·         The minister joins an already brilliant line up of plenary, breakout and workshop speakers including: Angela Rippon, broadcaster and dementia friendly champion; Fiona Stafford, author, academic, broadcaster and Tree Charter champion; Mark Lloyd, chief executive of Local Government Association; Met Office chief executive Rob Varley; Sarah Richards, chief executive of the Planning Inspectorate; Dr Jane Martin CBE, member of the prime minister’s advisory Committee for Standards and Public Life; and Councillor Commission report author Professor Colin Copus from De Montfort University Leicester.

·         Our packed two-day programme also includes insightful, engaging and interactive breakout and workshop sessions on topics such as data protection, sustainability and the environment, health and well-being, housing and neighbourhood planning, flexible and diverse funding, building capacity in smaller councils, risk management, information and communications technology, savings and investment, devolution and partnership working, local economic development, and councillor development. And if that’s not enough we will also be celebrating NALC’s 70 year anniversary and Milton Keynes 50th birthday through the conference including at our dinner and reception on Monday evening, where we also announce the winners of Star Councils 2017 – there may even be cake!

·         So why not join the 100 delegates and 15 exhibitors that have already booked to join us? More information including how to book are on the annual conference page on the NALC website.

Aon update

·         As those of you with insurance policies with Aon will already know, Aon have decided to cease its involvement in the local council market in line with changes to its UK strategy. NALC has had a long-term agreement with Aon for several decades which has benefitted NALC and the wider sector. Aon have been in full discussion with us about these changes and have terminated their agreement with us. Whilst disappointing, this process has been conducted in a professional and amicable way.

·         Aon have made arrangements to provide affected councils with a renewal invitation from BHIB Ltd, another insurance broker. Aon has indicated that “BHIB is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA registration number 116675). BHIB is a leading independent commercial insurance broker that prides itself on its professionalism and Chartered status. Servicing local and national clients in all aspects of general insurance, BHIB delivers specialist insurance broking services to a variety of businesses and membership organisations, with specific focus on providing solutions and exceptional client service.”

·         We are in positive discussions with BHIB to reach an agreement with them and have visited their main office in Leicester and I will keep you posted on developments.

Survey to help unlock digital potential of rural areas

·         You'll be as aware as I am that digital connectivity, mobile working, Skype meetings, e-commerce and so on are becoming ever more important for business efficiency, productivity and growth. Rural England are undertaking a research project on ‘Unlocking the Digital Potential of the UK's Rural Areas’ which includes an online survey aimed at business owners, directors and managers to explore how rural-based businesses currently use digital connectivity and technology, how important it is to their business model, what constraints slow their digital uptake and what benefits might accrue if such constraints were overcome.

·         Please can you promote this survey so it reaches as many rural based business owners, directors and managers as possible from across the UK to ensure the research hears from businesses in all sectors (from farms, to retail, to tech companies), of all sizes (from sole traders to large enterprises), of all types (from PLCs to social enterprises) and of all ages (from start-ups to long-established firms) – however much they do (or don't) make use of digital connectivity and technologies. The survey is open until Friday 1 September, responses will be considered confidential by the research team and respondents don't have to complete questions which would identify them.

County councils call for ‘new deal’

·         Staying on the subject of rural areas I thought you might be interested in the County Councils Network – a special interest group within the Local Government Association – recent report ‘A New Deal For Counties’ which calls on Government to reshape its relationship with rural England and offer county areas a ‘new deal’ including a new and fairer funding package. CCN’s vice chairman Cllr Philip Atkins who is leader of Staffordshire County Council contributed to our special report with LGC ‘What next for localism?’ and we will shortly be launching a further piece of work with CCN to identify and showcase further examples of onward devolution from county councils to parish and town councils and on partnership working.


·         Today we have published two policy consultations (attached) which we’d like to hear from you about: the House of Lords Select Committee on Citizenship and Civic Engagement have launched an inquiry to investigate the legal rights and responsibilities for citizens of the UK, the barriers to citizenship and what can be done to support and encourage civic engagement; and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport is seeking views on the specification for a broadband Universal Service Obligation (USO) to be set in secondary legislation.

Star Councils 2017

    And finally, last Friday we extended the deadline for entries to our Star Councils 2017 awards and I wanted to encourage as many councillors, clerks, councils and county associations as possible over the next couple of weeks – whether you’re on the beach, the garden or somewhere else! – to take 15 minutes out to enter and get your brilliant work recognised and celebrated. So go on, give it a shot!


The Good Councillors Guide to Finance and Transparency is designed specifically to help local councillors support their communities and council in understanding their obligations and commitments with public money, both generally and under the requirements of Transparency Codes, as well as sharing good practice in these areas.

This is the first finance booklet to be produced by the National Training Strategy and is recommended reading for all councillors and clerks.

An electronic version of the publication can be found on the YLCA website (Documents and Publications).

This publication is not generally available in hard copy.  However YLCA does have a small supply which will be sold on a first come, first served basis.


The books are £1 each plus postage and package

1 copy £1.00 plus postage and package £1.90 Total cost £2.90     
2 copies £2.00 plus postage and package £2.24 Total cost £4.24  
3 copies £3.00 plus postage and package £2.79 Total cost £5.79  
4 copies £4.00 plus postage and package £2.79 Total cost £6.79   
5 copies £5.00 plus postage and package £3.55 Total cost £8.55   
6 copies £6.00 plus postage and package £3.55 Total cost £9.55  
7 copies £7.00 plus postage and package £5.65 Total cost £12.65
8 copies £8.00 plus postage and package £5.65 Total cost £13.57
9 copies £9.00 plus postage and package £5.65 Total cost £14.65
10 copies £10.00 plus postage and package £5.65 Total cost £15.65

Orders to Joy Morgan at:


The Data Protection Act 1998 is the main piece of legislation which governs the protection of personal data today.  The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) provides guidance about the application of the Act to member councils by way of Legal Topic Note 38 which is available from the YLCA website - (NALC section) and the NALC website –

However, data protection law will significantly change in May 2018 when the 2016 EU Directive known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect.  The attached legal briefing (which follows on from LO3 – 17, circulated on the 2 June 2017) produced by NALC, provides further information and guidance on the preparations required to made by councils in readiness for May 2018.  This Legal Briefing specifically deals with the issue of the required changes to privacy notices, provides links to advice and examples of good and not so good privacy notices.

A privacy notice checklist can be found at:

The ICO (Information Commissioners Office) website provides detailed guidance on all aspects of data protection and the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) .

It is likely that all local councils (town and parish councils) are data controllers and should therefore be registered with the ICO as data controllers; as such, you should receive regular updates, information and guidance via an e- bulletin; this can be subscribed to using the following link:

NALC Chief Executive's Bulletin - No 28

Star Councils 2017 deadline extended!
·         We’ve extended the deadline for entries to NALC’s Star Councils 2017 to 14 August 2017! This is in response to requests from a number of councils and county associations for more time to complete their application. More information on the six categories, the simple and quick process of making a nomination and previous winners is on the Star Councils page of the website. Shortlisting will take place in mid-September and the winners and runner's up will be invited to join us at the annual conference for a special awards reception. So please make sure you take advantage of this important opportunity to give our councils and county associations the recognition they deserve by nominating them for a Star Councils award!

Rural Coalition

·         The Rural Coalition met on Tuesday at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, here are a few highlights: the chair Margaret Clark thanked all members for their input to the rural statement and good practice case studies (which include Forest Row Parish Council in West Sussex and Uppingham Town Council in Rutland) – which attracted significant media attention including coverage in several national newspapers – and to the Bishop of St Albans for hosting the well-attended launch event in the House of Lords; a discussion on maintaining momentum on the statement and its four policy priorities and it was agreed members would identify promotional opportunities to such as events, publications and party conferences as part of an ongoing communications plan; the House of Lords Select Committee on the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act had published a call for written evidence by 11 September 2017 and it was agreed the Coalition would submit evidence based on the rural statement and press to give oral evidence; officials from Defra attended for part of the meeting and gave an update on ministerial appointments and responsibilities (reporting Lord Gardiner’s brief includes rural ambassador and rural affairs, rural life opportunities, broadband and mobile) and their priority work streams of improving the rural evidence base for use by other government departments, policy issues of broadband, mobile, schools funding, industrial strategy and local government finance, and rural proofing including at national, sub-regional and local government level (they would be seeking meetings with the Local Government Association and ourselves to discuss in more detail).

Transparency Fund

·         On Monday 138 applications from smaller councils to the Transparency Fund were approved totalling £94,155, this takes grants awarded in 2017/18 so far to £282,472.92. Overall take-up by county association is shown below:


Staffing update

    I wanted to let you know that Gurvynda Paddan-White, part-time solicitor, will shortly be commencing maternity leave following a period of annual leave; Gary Barker will be returning to provide cover in the legal team on Thursdays and Fridays starting from 3 August 2017.

Town Team calls for creation of Sheerness Town Council

·         And finally a welcome shot in the arm for our Create a Council Campaign this week from the Town Team in Sheerness who have submitted a petition to establish a new town council to Swale Borough Council. Several new councils have been set up in Kent in recent years including Badgers Mount (near Sevenoaks), Westgate, Ashford and Folkestone – and with campaigns currently also underway in Rochester and Canterbury it’s good to see continued interest for injecting more local democracy in communities in the Garden of England! If you know of an unparished area that wants to explore setting up a new parish council do get in touch with to find out how NALC and county associations can help, such as the networking event for campaign areas at this year’s annual conference.

National Association of Local Councils Chief Executive's Bulletin no 27: 21 July 2017

Larger Councils’ Committee and good practice visit

·         The Durham town councils of Great Aycliffe and Shildon hosted our Larger Councils’ Committee earlier this week for their annual good practice visit to gain an insight into some of the issues faced by larger councils and to see a range of their services and facilities.

·         The Committee visited Great Aycliffe Town council’s sports and leisure facilities as well as their pre-school learning centre Monday afternoon prior to being joined the council’s respective mayors Cllr Quinn and Cllr Hilary, Cllr Bell from the Durham county association and Margaret Middleton from the Darlington county association for the evening programme; a series of short presentations took place throughout the evening including a formal welcome from both mayors, updates on devolution and partnership working and a short speech by committee chairman Cllr Kevin Wilson.

·         Following a tour of both council’s projects and facilities on Tuesday morning – including their parks which neatly coincided with #loveparks week – the committee received a presentation from Cllr Robert Fleming, leader of Great Aycliffe Town Council on devolution and partnership working with Durham Council; during its formal meeting the committee noted progress on the work programme and priorities and agreed to supplement existing activity to gather examples of larger councils engaging communities in budget setting, received an update on the governance review and identified key issues to be considered over the coming year including the purpose of the Committee and its terms of reference as well as the definition of a larger council and the Direct Access Scheme, holding next year’s good practice visit in Chippenham and opening the study visit up as a pilot to a limited number of other larger councils, and collaboration between councils including with the Co-operative Councils’ Network.

·         Feedback on the visit has been very positive and I would like to convey my own thanks to both town councils for hosting.

Busting barriers through the Sustainable Communities Act

·         NALC’s advisory board, made up of councillors from the Policy Committee and which oversees our work supporting and promoting the Sustainable Communities Act, met earlier today, here a few brief highlights: Cllr Peter Wilkinson from the Norfolk county association was elected chairman; the board noted the Memorandum of Understanding with the Department for Communities and Local Government setting out NALC’s role as selector and associated funding had been agreed; councillors received an update on progress on submissions to date; discussions took place on a work programme and agreed further activity on rate relief on public toilets including writing to DCLG and working with Falmouth Town Council and the Norfolk county association; and agreed to incorporate a briefing to the policy session at annual conference.  

·         One final but really important point the board want to draw to the attention of our councils is the process provides an important tool for councils to ask central government to remove legislative or other barriers that prevent them from improving the economic, social and environmental well-being of their area. I am keen our councils start to make more use of this simple legislation, especially as there are so many issues which have been raised with us as policy motions from business rates to licensing powers to reform of the standards regime. Please take a look at the short guidance available on the website and get in touch with our head of policy and development Justin Griggs via if you want to know more, plus we will be contacting councils asking them to work with us to take some of our policy priorities forward using this process!

Training Events in July /August

Local Council Award Scheme (LCAS)
In the past year 11 councils have achieved either the Foundation or Quality levels of the LCAS and a number of others are preparing applications.  This session will demonstrate to councils what they need to do to achieve the Foundation Award.  We hope that there will be good take up of this session as this is something that all local councils can achieve.
Tuesday, 25 July 1pm to 3pm at The Cedar Court Hotel Bradford, Rooley Lane, Bradford, BD5 8HW
Thursday, 17 August 1pm to 3pm at Tankersley Manor Hotel, Church Lane, Tankersley, Barnsley, S75 3DQ
Cost £40 per delegate with refreshments on arrival.
Play Area Training Seminar
The day will include seminars on the design of Children’s Play Areas, Consultation and Project Management, Funding and Playground Inspection and Maintenance.
Thursday, 27 July 9.30am to 3.30pm at Wheldrake Village Hall, Broad Highway, Wheldrake, York, YO19 6BU
Cost £40.00 per delegate to include lunch and refreshments.

Developing Your Skills as a Councillor
For new councillors, although those who want to brush up on their knowledge are welcome.
Monday, 7 August 7pm to 9.30pm at Tankersley Manor Hotel, Church Lane, Tankersley, Barnsley, S75 3DQ
Cost £45 per delegate with refreshments on arrival
Procedures, Powers and Policies
This session builds on the new councillor seminars that we provided in 2015 and would be particularly suitable for the members who attended those courses to broaden their knowledge further.  Councillors who have been in office for some time who would like a refresher will also find this seminar helpful.
Tuesday, 8 August 7pm to 9.30pm at The Cedar Court Hotel Bradford, Rooley Lane, Bradford, BD5 8HW
Cost £45 per delegate with refreshments on arrival

National Association of Local Councils - Chief Executive's Bulletin 26 - 14 July 2017

National Council
·         National Council met on Wednesday at the CCLA offices in the city of London, in advance the draft minutes being available next week here are a few highlights: new members of National Council were invited to speak at the start of the meeting to introduce themselves, their background and aspirations; councillors received an extensive report on our work programme, performance and strategic plan delivery; our action plan for engaging with the new government was noted, including on neighbourhood planning and Council received a short presentation from Christopher Mountain, Department for Communities and Local Government who said “parishes are the backbone of neighbourhood planning” before giving an overview of progress including a recent adjournment debate in Parliament and asking for feedback on the current support programme; following extensive discussion councillors endorsed with minor changes proposals from the Governance Review Task and Finish Group for a progressive package of reforms to improve and modernise our governance structure.

·         At the meeting I also stressed the importance of the sector sharing good practice and case studies of the excellent work of our councils especially through our Star Councils Awards 2017 which has just two weeks to run – we really do need to hear about the work of councillors and young councillors, so please get nominating!

Important parish finance research
·         I would be grateful if you could support our ongoing council tax referendums campaign by completing an important online survey (pdf version attached) into parish finances. As you know Andrew Tubb is currently on secondment to NALC from Cirencester Town Council to support our devolution work. Andrew is conducting some important research as part of his MBA to establish an evidence base which can be used by the sector to inform Government policy on issues relating to local government finance and devolution as well as raising awareness of current financial issues and capturing the strengths of town and parish councils. The questionnaire takes just several minutes to complete, with only one response per town and parish council required, and is available up to 10.00 on Friday 21 July 2017. I think it’s really important as many councils as possible complete the survey so please take the time to fill it in; I’d be grateful if county association colleagues could ensure the survey and link is circulated widely in your areas, thank you.

Local Democracy APPG
·         The All Party Parliamentary Group on local democracy held its annual general meeting this week, elected its officers and agreed the focus of their work for the next year. I’m really pleased that all the current officers were keen to continue to work with us and promote and champion parishes in Parliament and were duly re-elected: Andrea Jenkyns MP (Conservative), co-chair; Scott Mann MP (Conservative), co-chair; Lord Tony Greaves (Liberal Democrat), vice-chair; Lord John Lytton (Cross Bencher), secretary; and Karen Buck MP (Labour), treasurer. The work programme includes a small scale inquiry on role of local councils in supporting businesses and local economic development, holding another reception in Parliament to celebrate NALC’s Star Councils and the achievements of some of the best councils in the sector, developing the champions network of MPs to encourage more MPs to engage with parishes in their area as well as coming along to NALC’s Lobby Day, sessions on planning to promote more planning powers for communities such as housing allocations and diversity/role of councillors to explore how we can get more people involved in local democracy especially as councillors, extending membership of the Group, visits to councils by members of the Group and active engagement in Parliamentary debates.

Councillor Commission report
·         I was really pleased to see the Councillor Commission – organised by the local government magazine TheMJ and De Montfort University Leicester and supported by NALC – publish its final report ‘The Voice of The Councillor’ (attached) this week and I would strongly urge you to read it and consider its findings and recommendations. When the Commission was launched we pressed for our sector and our 10,000 councillors not to be overlooked, securing representation on the Commission and a dedicated stream of work to ensure the voice of parish and town councillors was heard. The 124 page report (which is in plain language and easy to read!) includes a dedicated chapter on parish and town councillors and four specific recommendations out of the twenty in total. I am extremely grateful to Cllr Mike Evans of Whiteley Town Council and chairman of the Hampshire county association for his vital contribution as the parish commissioner and we will be exploring with Mike and the Commission next steps including promotion of the report including discussing it with government and others.

Data protection
·         We have today published a new legal briefing L04-17 on the Reform of Data Protection Regulation, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Bill (login required). The GDPR will require parish and town councils and parish meetings to allocate significant resource and effort to comply, especially for smaller councils. This was discussed at the recent meeting of the Policy Committee who agreed to write to the government about resource implications and potential impact on precepts and we have written to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. In addition to the briefing we will also be holding a session on data protection at the annual conference and we are also considering what other support we can provide.

Induction day on 26 July
·         Two county association colleagues will be joining us on 26 July for our next induction day at our offices – if other newer members of National Council or committees or county association staff also want to attend please contact

St Ives Town Council wins national planning award
·         And finally congratulations to St Ives Town Council in Cornwall for winning the award for neighbourhood planning at the prestigious Planning Awards 2017; well done also to Shifnal Town Council in Shropshire and Nettleham Parish Council in Lincolnshire who were highly commended.

Training Events in July

Please find below list of training events for July.

If you wish to book or reserve places please fill in the attached booking form and email to, confirmation will then be sent along with an invoice.

Chairmanship Skills
This is a session suitable for all chairmen and vice-chairmen.  We will examine the general principles of chairmanship, effectiveness of a good agenda, management of meetings, stimulating discussion, managing the public and effective working with the clerk and other councillors.
Wednesday, 12 July 10am to 4.00pm at The Holiday Inn, Clifton, Brighouse, HD6 4HW
Cost £115 per delegate full day event with lunch and refreshments provided.
Thursday, 20 July 7pm to 9.30pm at Tankersley Manor Hotel, Church Lane, Tankersley, Barnsley, S75 3DQ
Cost £45 per delegate evening session with refreshments provided on arrival.
There are a few places left on both of these events.

Local Council Award Scheme (LCAS)
In the past year 11 councils have achieved either the Foundation or Quality levels of the LCAS and a number of others are preparing applications.  This session will demonstrate to councils what they need to do to achieve the Foundation Award.  We hope that there will be good take up of this session as this is something that all local councils can achieve
Tuesday, 18 July 1pm to 3pm at Northallerton Town Council Offices, Upper Hall, Town Hall, High Street, Northallerton, DL7 8QR
Tuesday, 25 July 1pm to 3pm at The Cedar Court Hotel Bradford, Rooley Lane, Bradford, BD5 8HW
Cost £40 per delegate with refreshments on arrival.

Play Area Training Seminar
The day will include seminars on the design of Children’s Play Areas, Consultation and Project Management, Funding and Playground Inspection and Maintenance.
Thursday, 27 July 9.30am to 3.30pm at Wheldrake Village Hall, Broad Highway, Wheldrake, York, YO19 6BU
Cost £40.00 per delegate to include lunch and refreshments.

Booking FormBooking Form (32.3k bytes)

Play Area Training Seminar - Thursday 27 July

Please find attached a programme and booking form for a play area training seminar we are running in conjunction with Playscheme on Thursday 27 July (9.30am to 3.15pm) at Wheldrake Village Hall near York. The seminar will cost £40 and include sessions on design and funding as well as an on site practical workshop looking at risk assessment and maintenance.
Booking FormBooking Form (33.8k bytes)

Procedures, Powers and Policies Training Event - Tuesday, 3 August

This session builds on the new councillor seminars that we provided in 2015 and would be particularly suitable for the members who attended those courses to broaden their knowledge further.  Councillors who have been in office for some time who would like a refresher will also find this seminar helpful.

Tuesday, 8 August 7pm to 9.30pm at The Cedar Court Hotel Bradford, Rooley Lane, Bradford, BD5 8HW

Cost £45 per delegate

Refreshments are provided on arrival.

If you wish to book or reserve places please fill in the attached booking form and email to, confirmation will then be sent along with an invoice.
Booking FormBooking Form (32.3k bytes)

Training Programme 2017

Please find attached the training programme for 2017 and booking form.   This programme covers courses being provided directly by YLCA in the next few months.  In due course members will receive details of further courses that we are arranging in a range of topics, with external presenters.

Evening and half day sessions include light refreshments and full day courses also include a two course lunch.

All bookings must be accompanied with a booking form, confirmation will then be sent along with an invoice.
Training ProgrammeTraining Programme (78.8k bytes)
Booking FormBooking Form (32.3k bytes)


The Data protection Act 1998 is the main piece of legislation which governs the protection of personal data today.  The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) provides guidance about the application of the Act to member councils by way of Legal Topic Note 38 which is available from the YLCA website - (NALC section) and the NALC website –


Digital Councils seminar

·         Yesterday we held our third Digital Councils seminar at the London offices of AON who I am grateful to for hosting and sponsoring the event. Subjects covered included the power of digital communications, case studies examples of the digital journeys councils have undertaken, branding for councils in the digital age, legal and risk management frameworks for operating online, a new social media community for local areas and an open mic session; speaker presentation slides will be available on the website shortly. Feedback was very positive indeed with 95% of delegates rating the conference overall very good or good and I also wanted to share some of their written comments: “really useful”, “nice to see how other councils are operating” “informative and knowledgeable”, “a really excellent and engaging day”, and “a worthwhile and enjoyable day”. You can read more about the event on the Twitter hashtag #nalcevents.

NALC Annual Conference and Exhibition 2017

·         Our Annual Conference and Exhibition 2017 will be an essential event for councillors, council officers, county association members and officers as local councils join with other parts of the public (including government and principal councils), private and voluntary sectors to discuss the key policy issues of the moment. The important themes will centre on partnership working, economic development, sustainability, health and well being, housing and planning, and openness and transparency. What I am sure will be a brilliant two-day event will also celebrate NALC’s 70th anniversary and our Star Councils 2017 winners, as well as our host city Milton Keynes being 50 years old this year. For general delegates, you can find out more information and now book your places; separate booking information for county association delegates will be circulated next week.

MJ magazine article

·         The MJ (one of the leading local government magazines) this week includes an article by our chairman Cllr Sue Baxter on how in the wake of recent metro mayor elections the new Government, whatever its hue, should relaunch the devolution project but ensure it is effective and engages all local communities including parishes.

Council tax statistics

·         Parish precepts have risen by 0.2 per cent on last year’s increase according to Department for Communities and Local Government’s recently published live tables providing Band D Council Tax figures, average Council Tax per dwelling and Council Tax statistics for parish and town councils. Headlines include: total precepts increased by just over £40 million to £485 million, the average Band D is now £61.03 per year compared to £57.40 on 2015/16, a rise of 6.3 per cent to £3.63 (or 7p per week). We are in the process of undertaking further analysis of this data as part of our ongoing work on council tax referendums, this will be discussed at the forthcoming meeting of Policy Committee.

Transparency Fund

·         Earlier this week 76 applications for the May window of applications to the Transparency Fund were approved, totalling £46,677.47.  This was a shorter than normal window as the Fund went live on 28 April so a huge thanks to county associations for their ongoing efforts in promoting the Transparency Code, Fund and in submitting applications – please keep this up! The below table illustrates take-up to date by county association:

Celebrating Community Champions as part of Volunteers’ Week

·         Next week marks the beginning of Volunteers’ Week 2017, an annual event from 1-7 June which celebrates the difference volunteers make to communities across the country. This year NALC will be playing its part through our Community Champions Week aimed at promoting the amazing 80,000 people who give up time and hold public office as local parish and town councillors; we’ll also be shining a spotlight on the wider work of local councils and the volunteers they work with, so please do get involved.

Star Councils 2017

·         And finally a reminder about our Star Councils 17 (sponsored by Aon and other commercial partners and mentioned above) which is a brilliant way of showcasing the work of our councils and county associations; I would really like encourage you to enter or and follow in the footsteps of last year’s winners including Council of the Year Oswestry Town Council – more details including how to enter are on the website, deadline is 28 July 2017.

Fields in Trust: Creating a legacy of protected outdoor spaces

On Monday 22nd May, Fields in Trust launched a new programme called Active Spaces which is in partnership with a national funding partner to get more people physically active and using outdoor spaces.   YLCA is writing to pass on information that we have received from Jamie Leeson, the Fields in Trust Development Manager.

The programme aims to help increase participation in a diverse range of physical activities on local parks, playing fields and green spaces which will be protected for future generations to use and enjoy.


Parks and green spaces have been getting a lot of air time recently, with the publication of the Communities & Local Government (CLG) Parliamentary Committee’s Report into the future of public parks. The report recognises their value and potential in promoting healthy lifestyles and tackling social exclusion but warns that they face a period of decline unless strategic action is taken.

There is also the shift in the Department for Culture, Media and Sport thinking and the focus on activity rather than formal sport which, as we all know, is a driving force in Sport England’s strategy and investment funding.

Parks and informal green spaces have an important role to play in helping deliver this activity agenda being the settings for entry level activity – inactive people don’t suddenly start playing sport in a formal setting, they walk, jog, cycle or play – and they need safe local green spaces to do this.

Activity Grants

The Active Spaces programme combines the protection in perpetuity of green spaces, together with revenue funding to engage inactive people on those spaces. Each site will be offered delivery of a physical activity project on-site to the value of £5,000 to serve local needs and target identified groups of inactive people.

Sites and projects will be selected following an assessment which will include likely impact and will also consider whether local funding has been secured to increase project value. The activation projects can be delivered by:

  • programme delivery partner Our Parks;
  • the local council itself; or
  • a delivery agent selected by the local council

Projects will be subject to monitoring and evaluation reporting and will run during 2017 and 2018.

Find out more

The deadline for the first funding round is Friday 7th July, with decisions made by Friday 21st July.  Jamie Leeson is very happy to talk to councils that are interested in applying and will also meet with you to discuss the prospects of newly protected green space.

Jamie can be contacted at: or by telephone: 020 7427 2124

Weekly bulletin from the Chief Executive of the National Association of Local Councils

Each week the Chief Executive of the National Association of Local Councils, Dr Jonathan Owen, produces a bulletin updating us on the work that is has been undertaking, current consultations and issues of interest to the parish sector.  The bulletins can be found on the NALC website which all YLCA members have access to but we will now be sending the bulletins to you on a weekly basis.

White Rose Update May edition

See : Please find attached the latest edition of White Rose Update.
WRU May 2017WRU May 2017 (1.63M bytes)


Please note that this meeting will be held on Monday 12, June 2017 at 7.00pm in The Jubilee Room (above the Library), St James Square, Boroughbridge, YO51 9AR (right in the centre of Boroughbridge).

Hampsthwaite Parish Council - Use of s. 137 of The Local Government Act 1972 (Our Ref: May38)

Bulletin on S137 expenditure


The new hard copy of The Good Councillor’s Guide 2017 is now available.


Please see the attached briefing which is relevant in the run up to local elections.  The key issues covered in this advisory note are local publications and the publication of publicity in the lead up to elections.
Code of PracticeCode of Practice (37.8k bytes)

YLCA Annual Review 2016/2017

We like to use photographs of the Yorkshire area in our annual review.  If you have some good photos of features of your parish, please send them to us in j.peg format, telling us the name of the parish and details of what is in the photo.  Please send these to:
Flooding problems at Allerton Mauleverer

Residents of the parish of Allerton Mauleverer with Hopperton have experienced flooding for some time due to poor drainage.  The parish meeting is liaising with the highway authority as it is believed that the cause of the problem is a collapsed/blocked drain passing under the main street through the village. However, the parish meeting is keen to do something itself to alleviate the problem and would like to hear from any parish councils or parish meetings who have satisfactorily used consultants who can give advice on a new drainage system.

 If you can help please contact the Clerk, David Hopperton on: 07703 356473 or 01937 587188 or e-mail him at:


It is a chance to hear about why digital working increasingly matters, the importance of doing it and how to do it.   It will provide an opportunity to look at some best practice and hear some new ideas.  The cost is £75 plus VAT (total £90) per delegate for councils/parish meetings who are affiliated to NALC via their county association.   Councils that hold any level of the Local Council Award Scheme can get a reduction in the fee - £60 plus VAT (total £72.00) per delegate.

Full information and a booking form is available on the NALC website, under ‘Events’.  All councils have been issued with log-in details for the NALC website by YLCA.

You may like to note that YLCA is planning some workshops in the next few months that address the use of websites, Facebook, Twitter and other information sharing platforms.  Information coming out shortly.

Parish precepts - Request to demonstrate restrain

White Rose Update March edition

Rural Affordable Housing Schemes - Request for Case Study Examples

We have received the following information and request from the Royal Town Planning Institute via the National Association of Local Councils.

“RTPI collecting examples of rural affordable housing schemes which have been facilitated by planning/ neighbourhood planning

The RTPI is looking for examples of how planning can facilitate rural  affordable housing.   The review focuses on the role of planning in delivering affordable housing. This takes a broad definition of affordability which encompasses not only house prices but also issues like transport accessibility, local economic opportunities, and access to public services.

They are seeking case studies of rural affordable housing schemes in which planning has played a positive enabling role, so they can understand what has worked in practice in different parts of the country. They  would be very grateful for recommendations of proposed/completed housing schemes – especially those testing innovative approaches to making them affordable.”

If you are aware of any such examples in your parishes please let the RTPI know via the above link (preferably within the next couple of weeks). We would also be grateful for a copy of any examples you send to them.

NALC DIS and Grants & Funding Bulletins

For information. Please find attached the latest information and grant and funding bulletins produced by the National Association of Local Councils.
DISDIS (915k bytes)

Auditor Appointments for Smaller Authorities for the 2017/18 to 2021/22 Financial Years

The Associations have received notification that following a successful procurement exercise the Sector Led Body, the Smaller Authorities Audit Appointments Ltd (SAAA), have appointed external auditors for smaller authorities (including parish and town councils and parish meetings) for the 2017/2018 – 2021/22 financial years. The appointed external auditors for all parish and town councils and parish meetings in North, South and West Yorkshire who have not opted out of the Sector Led Body will be PKF Littlejohn LLP. PKF Littlejohn are currently the appointed auditors for North and West Yorkshire but not for South Yorkshire.

Please do note that for the financial year 2016/17 there will be no changes to your existing external audit arrangements and you should continue to work with your existing external auditors on limited assurance reviews for accounts for this financial year. The new appointments only become effective for the five year period in relation to accounts for the financial year beginning on 1 April 2017.

Further information about the audit appointments can be found at the SAAA website below.

We understand that all parish and town councils and parish meetings will receive further information in due course about the arrangements for 2017/18 onwards directly from SAAA and/or from PKF Littlejohn.

Harrogate Branch meeting 20 February 2017

YLCA branches are an opportunity for councillors and clerks of member councils to meet together to discuss issues of mutual interest and concern.  Branches can and do invite speakers on parish matters.  Your council can influence local, regional and national issues via the branch meeting.
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Training seminars in Planning and Development and Neighbourhood Planning

From March late April the Associations are concentrating their planning programme on planning and development and neighbourhood plans.  We have arranged day long seminars in a number of locations and these will focus on helping councils to understand their role in the planning system and guide them in making effective responses to planning applications.  We are running one seminar focusing on the production of a Neighbourhood Plan from the inception stage through to examination and formal adoption and if there is sufficient demand for this session we will be able to provide more as necessary.

The sessions are being led by Andrew Towlerton who has worked in various senior roles in planning policy for North East Derbyshire District Council and Rotherham MBC. A qualified planner, he is a former employee of YLCA and also the part-time planning adviser for the Society of Local Council Clerks.  He is also a clerk to a parish council in the Rotherham area so is familiar with the policies and procedures of local councils.

At the Neighbourhood Planning seminar, Andrew will be assisted by Councillor Peter Allison, a member of Wilsden Parish Council in West Yorkshire.  Peter is one of the Government’s Neighbourhood Planning Champions who are people that have been identified as at the forefront of neighbourhood planning, with first-hand experience of the neighbourhood plan development process. The role of Champions is to promote neighbourhood plans, offer advice and support to groups who are on the neighbourhood planning journey and encourage and inspire new groups to shape development in their areas through the production of neighbourhood development plans.

Please find the information brochure and booking forms attached and if you need any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch.

NALC Grants and Funding Bulletin December 2016

Please find attached, for your information and reference,  NALC Grants and Funding Bulletin, December 2016.

The bulletin provides guidance and details of various current grant and funding providers to the sector.

Request for photographs

Please could you forward us recent photographs of your parishes or of parish council activities/events, please send them to us in j.peg format, telling us the name of the parish and details of what is in the photo.  Please send these to:  Thank you.

NALC Grants and Funding Bulletin December 2016

The bulletin provides guidance and details of various current grant and funding providers to the sector.