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  • Here I Belong by Matt Hartley

    Performed by Falling Stars Theatre Hampsthwaite Memorial Hall, North Yorkshire, HG3 2EJSat 25th April 2020Travel through time from 1953 to the present day in this moving, funny and charming play about village life. Elsie has lived in the village for sixty years. She has seen elections, weddings, wars, people coming, people going. The village is where her daughter grew up, it’s where her husband died and it’s where she’s going to stay.Performed by Falling Stars Theatre. Known for their immersive style of performance they will capture your imagination and make you feel like you are living the play with the characters. Don’t miss this opportunity to see exciting, engaging theatre right on your doorstep.Tickets available via TicketSource at :
  • VE Day 75 – Friday 8th May 2020

    Our Memorial Hall was built to honour the fallen in two world wars and give thanks to those who returned. It is appropriate therefore that we play our full part in the national celebrations and village activities planned for May Day Bank Holiday 2020 - moved to Friday 8th May for this purpose.Our afternoon begins with a what is hoped will be a re-enactment of what is believed to have been a visit to Metcalfe’s shop by ‘Monty’ which will continue on to The Joiners where there will be renditions of the Last Post and The Battle’s O’er following by a Toast to the Heroes as per the suggested national programme, with the Ukulele Band providing additional entertainment during the afternoon. The evening ends with a 40's Dance Party at the Memorial Hall.
  • UCI Road World Cycling Championships Come Through Hampsthwaite 2019

    Click on the NYCC Interactive Map below to see details of all road closures, parking restrictions, diversions and race timings. Briefly for Hampsthwaite they are as follows:Tuesday 24th Sept. 2019 for High Street and Elton Lane : No Parking: 23 Sep 22:00 - 24 Sep 18:30 - Road closed:  08:30 - 17:30 Mens U23 Individual Time Trial due to come through between 10:35 and 12:18 Women Elite Individual Time Trial due to come through between15:07 and 16:35 Saturday 28th Sept. 2019 for High Street and Elton Lane : No Parking: 27 Sep 22:00 - 28 Sep 16:00 - Road closed: 28 Sep 13:40 - 15:00 Publicity Caravan - leaves Ripon at 12.34 so due here around 1.10pm Women Elite Road Race due to come through between14.29 and 14.47 Click on the FanZone image to see full details of the many attractions on Harrogate centre during race week
  • Plans, Layouts and Resources

    Hampsthwaite Memorial Hall can provide facilities and resources for most events and has a good car park with marked spaces for over 50 cars. There is a well-equipped kitchen and catering area with dishwasher, water-heater, micro-wave, Rangemaster Pro induction cooker and ample supplies of crockery, glassware and cutlery. Adjacent to the Kitchen is a Servery with hatchways through to both the Main Hall and Dining Room (or small hall) which can be used as a bar. The Memorial Hall is licenced to sell alcohol. The Main Hall includes a well-equipped stage area and Green Room at one end, with P.A. system, both rear and front projection facilities for DVD, Blu-ray or data, ample stage-lighting, star-cloth, a mirror ball, and can be rigged with a ceiling canopy if needed. The Main Hall can open out into the adjacent Sun Lounge to accommodate larger numbers or as a bar area. The Dining Room, or small hall, is used for meetings, for groups, to place a buffet for example, or as another alternative bar area. There are ample chairs to furnish each of the spaces using either rectangular or circular tables. Table cloths and chair covers are available on request.
  • George Frederick Grimshaw - biography

    George Frederick Grimshaw 20th October 1914 - 17th June 1940
  • Roman Roads in Yorkshire.

    Gazetteer by the Roman Roads Research AssociationCovering all of Britain’s Roman roads, the Gazetteer, when completed, will be the first survey of Britain’s Roman roads since Ivan Margary’s final edition of Roman Roads in Britain in 1973. We aim to provide an up to date evaluation of each Roman road and, since new discoveries are being made all the time this online resource gives us the flexibility to make amendments and additions.
  • Yoga for Health and Happiness

    Beginners’ 10 week course starts 29th April 2019 at Hampsthwaite Memorial Hall Monday 9:30am – 10:30am Course fee £60  Places limited For more info and to book, contact Sue Beever Mobile 07801 064819 Email
  • Hampsthwaite’s Dancing for Well-Being group on ITV

    A film featuring Dancing for Well-Being’s Hampsthwaite group will be shown on ITV’s Calendar North News at 6.00 p.m. on Friday 5th April.  From 1st April you can also see the film on the People’s Projects website –
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The Draper's Shop (No. 2 High Street)

589[Alt:A & E Bramley’s Drapers Shop circa 1979/1980 (Photograph’s from Shaun Wilson’s Hampsthwaite collection - click on photos to see collection and quit new window to return to here))]
Article by Shaun L Wilson – July 2013 - Updated April 2017
No. 2 High Street, Hampsthwaite, formerly known as No.5 and No.6 Hyde Terrace was once the home and Drapers business belonging to Albert and Elsie Bramley who purchased the premises in 1964.

Elsie ran the shop until she retired in 1980 when she closed the shop and converted it into a Living Room as extended accommodation to her cottage. Albert died in 1971 at the age of 56.

Prior to Albert and Elsie’s purchase of the property from Milton Lambert in 1964 the property was occupied by Mr and Mrs Charles Knight and comprised Cottage (No.5 Hyde Terrace), Garage and a small Drapers shop (No.6 Hyde Terrace) on the end run by Mrs Knight with Mr Knights Workshop and Store above.

Mrs Knight’s Drapers shop was originally located in what is now Hampsthwaite Hair and Beauty Salon and the small shop (No.6 Hyde Terrace) was Fred Hopkinson’s Cobblers shop. Fred Hopkinson and Mrs Knight swapped premises so that the Knights home and business were all in one location.

Elsie would occasionally help Mrs Knight run the Drapers shop.

When the Knights moved out, Milton Lambert who owned the property converted the current Drapers shop and Garage into one large shop which was sold to Albert and Elsie with the adjoining cottage in 1964.
A & E Bramley’s Drapers Shop circa 1979/1980 (Photograph’s from Shaun Wilson’s Hampsthwaite collection - click on photos to see collection and quit new window to return to here))
A & E Bramley’s Drapers Shop circa 1979/1980 (Photograph’s from Shaun Wilson’s Hampsthwaite collection - click on photos to see collection and quit new window to return to here))
Where the large shop window can be seen in the photographs above, was Charles Knights Garage with Mrs Knights Drapers shop on the right and their cottage on the left.

The sign over the small shop window in the above photograph’s read ‘A & E Bramley, Drapers’.

The shop sold mainly women’s and children’s clothing, wools, cottons, zips, buttons etc. and for a period of time, Elsie baked and sold loaves of bread, bread buns, iced buns, scones, tarts, cakes etc. displaying them in the small shop window. The large shop window was dedicated to displaying clothes on manikin busts.

As you entered the shop from the High Street, the door triggered a bell and Elsie would appear from the house through a connecting door. There was a large glass display counter in front of you from where you were served, a glass counter on your left and one on your right in the form of an inverted ‘U’ shape. Behind the main counter on the back wall opposite the door were rows of shelves with packets of wools of every type, size and colour you could imagine.

The shop till was an old fashioned wooden one with a pull out drawer that rang a bell.

I can still remember, as a small boy playing a prank on Elsie, my Grandmother by entering the shop when it was empty and hiding in front of the counter so when she came to serve someone there was nobody there.

Other than some evidence of the former shop door being built up or knowledge of the shop you would not know of the Drapers shop existence.

The Drapers shop was a focal point within the village, as was Lundell’s corner shop and Newsagents opposite, now Hampsthwaite Village Store and the Post Office run by the Smiths, now run by Jane and Mozi Nami. Elsie new everyone in the village and everyone knew Elsie.

Elsie died in July 2014 at the age of 98 and the property was sold and is now in the ownership of others.

The two photographs below show what the property looked like before being converted by Milton Lambert.
The Old Post Office
The Old Post Office
A view up the High Street
A view up the High Street
The Draper's Shop (No. 2 High Street)
Article by Shaun L Wilson – July 2013 - Updated April 2017
589[Alt:A & E Bramley’s Drapers Shop circa 1979/1980 (Photograph’s from Shaun Wilson’s Hampsthwaite collection - click on photos to see collection and quit new window to return to here))]