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  • Preserving Our Past

    The churchyard of St Thomas a'Beckett, and its Chapel-of-Ease at Felliscliffe hold within them a wealth of local heritage via their Memorial Inscriptions and Burial Records. Why so many infant deaths, what was happening in society at the time of burial, was there a war or an illness affecting the population? How many local families are represented there and are there any well known names - or not so well nown but with an interesting story attached? Is the design of the Memorial interesting in terms of its art work or the language used?This section of our website aims to list phtographs of all Memorials, together with their Inscriptions and Church Records so that such questions may be answered by browsing or searching both now and in the foreseeable future - even long after some inscriptions may have faded beyond readability.
  • Wiliam Bell 1811-1879

  • Wiliam Lupton 1775-1859

  • Thomas Watson 1825 -1903

  • Hampsthwaite Bridge - photo

    "Hampsthwaite Bridge over the River Nidd. Built in 1598, rebuilt 1640, alterations made in the 19th century. I have been wanting to photograph this bridge for a while now; today the winter light, the sparse vegetation and the mottled snow that remained on the bank of a feeder drain, were perfect."Simon HillJanuary 17th 2021(click photo to return to full article)
  • Previous COVID-19 Announcements

    Previous announcements and updates from UK Gov and ACRE
  • DT Forge

    DT Forge exists to promote good craftsmanship in a rich variety of materials, using traditional hand crafting techniques, supplemented by modern tooling and processes. Products range from original designs in high quality materials to artefacts made by sensitive recycling of iconic objects with the aim of extending their lifespan. "Making something out of the ordinary, out of the ordinary”
  • Memorial Hall and COVID-19

    The Memorial Hall Management Committee has taken steps to qualify the hall as being COVID-19 Secure as follows: We have conducted a Memorial Hall Risk Assessment and made it available to all users. We have cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures in line with UK Government guidance We have taken all reasonable steps to help hall users keep safe from COVID-19 We have taken all reasonable steps to help Hirers maintain Social Distancing when using the hall Where people cannot keep 2m apart we have advised Hirers on the mitigating actions they might take to manage transmission risk
  • VE Day 75 - Stay at Home Street Party - 8th May 2020

    Stay at Home Street Party - Decorate your House in Red, White & Blue and enjoy a picnic in your front Garden”.The village was bedecked in red, white and blue bunting (see also a short video taken by resident Charles Charlesworth on the Hampsthwaite Memorial Hall FaceBook page)Teas were prepared by the local coffee shop, Sophie's.With sandwiches, sausage roll, cream scone and Victoria sponge. One recipient later declared it to be “As good as tea at the Ritz”. A VE day quiz was also distributed with each tea.A group of volunteers distributed the teas, one came appropriately dressed in an outfit from the 1940s
  • Frank and Peggy Shuffe - Licensees at the Joiners Arms 1956-1977

    Frank Shuffe, the from 1956, was an English professional footballer who played as a right back for Bradford City and later became trainer at Valley Parade.On leaving football he became manager of the The Prospect Hotel at Ecckeshill, Bradford during October 1953 before moving on to become Landlord of the Joiner's Arms in 1956 Frank died at Harrogate Hospital on 7 February 1973 after a short illness aged 55. Peggy continued on with their son John, a keen sportsman, until she retired in 1978 and moved to live near friends in Scotland  
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Services available to residents of Hampsthwaite

Neighbourhood Watch

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A way of developing close links within the community and with the Police, Local Authority and other organisations. The main aim is to help reduce crime and the fear of crime by:

  • Greater vigilance
  • Better crime prevention
  • Encouraging a better community spirit
  • An overall improvement of the area in which you live

Safer Neighbourhood Officer for Killingall, Ripley and Hampsthwaite

  • The PCSO for Hampsthwaite is PC Nicholas Woods (based at Harrogate Town Police Station Victoria Avenue.)
  • Email
  • For contact by telephone    Dial 101 (the National Police Non Emergency Contact Number), press option 2 and ask for him by name and collar number 5386. If using the collar number, please state each number individually..


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Details for Harrogate & District Travel's bus service number 24 between Harrogate and Pateley Bridge.

Details of other local transport services available in Hampsthwaite (Postcode : HG3) in the North Yorkshire County council area.

Post Office:


Confectionery, toys, stationery, greeting cards, etc.
Hampsthwaite Post Office can renew Car Tax in addition to hosting a Cash Point and other services for Halifax, Nationwide, Yorkshire Bank, Cahoot, Smile, Barclays, Co-op, Lloyds, Alliance and Leicester, Bank of Ireland
(Tel: 01423 770332)

Doctors' surgeries:


High Street

Drs. T. Thornton, Jane Anderson and Partners
(Tel: 01423 770802 surgery and 564168 or 557232 anytime)

Spring Gables, Birstwith

Nidderdale Group Practice
(Tel: 01423 770202)


Services available to residents of Hampsthwaite