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  • Brookfield Garth Proposed Development

  • Barkers Family History

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  • BARKER Family History

    Descendants of John and Grace BarkerbyShaun L Wilson – February 2017 Barker families have resided in Hampsthwaite since the early seventeenth century and were extensive in the area during the nineteenth century. From the 1881 England Census for Hampsthwaite taken on 3rd April that year, Barker was the most popular name totalling 57 out of 457 people enumerated – 12.5% of those recorded living in Hampsthwaite at the time of that census. From the registers of Hampsthwaite parish, Barkers were in existence as early as 1610. The earliest Barker mentioned is John Barker, son of Peter who was baptised on 17th March that year.Where Hampsthwaite is mentioned in this article it refers to both village and parish. We will never know exactly where the early Barker’s dwelling houses were as they are not recorded in either the parish registers or on the early census returns, but it is assumed that they lived in the village or within the parish. It was not until the England Census of 1911 that full address details were given together with the total number of children born alive to the present marriage of the head of the family.
  • Tom Wright reflects upon the Barker family in Hampsthwaite

    As far as I can ascertain there were no Barkers in Hampsthwaite prior to the 18th century. The earliest reference I could find was to the marriage of John Barker, a tailor, to Ann Messenger (daughter of William Messenger) in the parish church sometime near the beginning of the 1700s. I don’t know from whence he originated.They had several children, as did all the Barkers, but I have only recorded my own direct ancestors. They were his son James Barker (1744) & Hannah Dousland; William Barker (1781) & Catherine Swale; John Barker (1810) & Mary Nutter; George Barker (1845) & Sarah ???  who themselves produced Rowland Barker and siblings. He married Eliza Jackson (from an even older family in Birstwith) and they were my maternal Grandparents.(See also and )
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    The information and materials throughout Hampsthwaite Village website are provided in good faith. Content is original or prepared from publicly available information or from other sources which are believed to be reliable.But you should not rely upon any information or materials on this website in making or refraining from making any specific business decision or other decisions.Hampsthwaite Village website contains information that is created and maintained by a variety of sources both internal and external to Hampsthwaite Parish Council.Information held in the Hampsthwaite Parish Council section of this website is for your general information and use only and does not constitute any advice or recommendation (professional or otherwise).Any views expressed or content posted in other sections of Hampsthwaite Village website are not necessarily endorsed by Hampsthwaite Parish Council.Neither Hampsthwaite Parish Council nor the authors of the Hampsthwaite Village website accept responsibility for any information contained in external websites that are linked to, and accept no liability in connection with their services or information.Whilst every effort is made to keep the information on this web site accurate, the website authors disclaim any warranty or representation, expressed or implied about its accuracy, completeness or appropriateness for a particular purpose. Thus you assume full responsibility for using the information on this website, and you understand and agree that neither Hampsthwaite Parish Council nor any of its employees, agents or authors of Hampsthwaite Village website is responsible or liable for any claim, loss or damage resulting from its use.In using the Hampsthwaite Village website, you will be deemed to accept these terms.
  • Parish Council Minutes Archive 2017

    Minutes from Parish Council meetings in 2017
  • Northern Powergrid and Gas Networks

    The Northern Power Grid and the Northern Gas Networks are the organisations responsible for the delivery of  electricity and gas within our region
  • Yoga Classes

    Jann is a Yoga & Energy Medicine Teacher and Therapist and lover of all things Holistic, Herbal, Organic and Natural and I’m a life long passionate supporter of The Healing Arts that are rooted in our Ancient Wisdoms of Massage, Dancing, Sound, Singing, Drumming, Painting, Meditating, Coming together in circle. Jann's weekly sessions are hosted at Hampsthwaite Memorial Hall and listed in the hall's Contact Jann for details:Tel:  07585 807046Web: (with Events section at
  • SuperFast North Yorkshire

    Beware of Computer Scams If you receive a  phone call purporting to be from Microsoft support or similar, to say that your computer has sent them a critical error message, ignore it even if they have your phone number and name!They will get you to visit a particular web page in your web browser. Something on the web page will enable them to have control of your computer. They can then load spyware, steal passwords or just use your machine to relay other illegal content, for example.If you think it might be genuine (VERY unlikely!), thank the caller, put the phone down, then contact your computer supplier or Microsoft Support yourself - see Whenever you receive an unexpected email just copy the subject line or part of its text and paste it into Google. You will soon discover if it is a scam. NEVER open links or accept attachments from emails you are unsure of. Remember: if it sounds too good to be true; it probably is!
  • Hampsthwaite Picture House

    Check the programme of film screenings by visiting the Hampsthwaite Picture House website. Films screened at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated. Come along and enjoy an evening with family and friends sat at our convivial, candle-lit tables with refreshments, 'nibbles', food and bar as appropriate to the film being shown. Tickets available from Hampsthwaite Post Office ( or at the door if available) - why not book a table and come as a group?
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13th May 2013

Parish Council mailings for meeting on 13th May 2013
  • Local Account - Discussion at Parish Council Meeting.
  1. Dear Colleagues,
    I am e-mailing to request if you could please circulate the following documents to your parishes. North Yorkshire County Council has a legal obligation to produce an annual Local Account which informs the public how we spend taxpayers’ money in relation to adult social care services.
    I have attached an electronic copy of the Local Account document and also a flyer which incorporates a questionnaire. I would appreciate if you could discuss these at your next parish meetings, complete a copy of the questionnaire and return to me at North Yorkshire County Council, Health and Adult Services, Room 211, County Hall, Racecourse Lane, Northallerton, DL7 8DD.  
    If you would prefer you may e-mail these back to me at
    Please can you indicate on your questionnaire which Parish you represent. As I am collecting this information to influence the writing of the next Local Account, I would appreciate your views by 28th June 2013.
    If you require any additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact me on 01609 534299.
    Thanking you in advance,
    Kind Regards,

    Stacey Keeling
    Project Assistant
    Project Team
    Modernisation and Change
    Health and Adult Services
    Room 211
    County Hall
    Racecourse Lane
    DL7 8DD
    Tel: 01609 534299
    Ext: 4299

  1. The Parish Council at the meeting on 13 May 2013 agreed that an extraordinary meeting of Councillors should take place on WEDNESDAY 29 MAY 2013 at 7.30pm in the Village Room. This meeting is to put together the views of the Council about the HBC Local Plan that incorporates the use of land at Brookfield for circa 50+ houses of which 50% should be affordable. This is prior to the agreement to hold a Public Meeting at the Memorial Hall on 18 June 2013 at 8pm. The consultation period documents need to be returned to HBC by 21 June 2013. You will find more details on the Council website emails.

  •  Environment Agency - Allerton Incinerator
  1. See :

  • North Yorkshire Now May 2013
  1. See :

  • HBC Commuted sums training
  1. A session of training will take place on Thursday 20 June 2013 at 7pm
    in the Council Chambers.
    Any organisation that is involved with the commuted sums can ask
    a representative to attend.
    If you wish to attend please write in to
    by Friday 7 June 2013.

  • Rural Services Network Weekly Email News Digest - 13 May 2013
  1. See


  • Harrogate Borough Council: Notification of Local Plan Consultations

    We are contacting you because you have responded previously to a consultation or, have expressed an interest in, the Council's Local Plan.

    Harrogate Borough Council is publishing the Harrogate District Sites and Policies DPD before submitting this to the Secretary of State.  The Harrogate Sites and Policies DPD makes allocations of land for new development and sets out policies against which planning applications for development and change of use will be assessed.

    You are invited to make representations on the ‘soundness’ of the proposed plan from Friday 10 May until Friday 21 June 2013.  Representations must be received by 4.30pm on Friday 21 June.  Only representations received within this period have a statutory right to be considered by the Inspector at the subsequent examination.  Representations should be submitted on the response form which is available to download from or by contacting the planning policy team.  This will help to ensure that the representations can be fully taken into account by the Inspector.  Completed response forms should be returned to:

    Planning Policy Team, Department of Development Services, Harrogate Borough Council, Knapping Mount, West Grove Road, Harrogate, HG1 2AE

    Or email: -

    Further information on the availability of documents is set out on the Statement of Representation, which is available to view on the Council's website.

    Between 10 May and 21 June 2013, the Council is also carrying out consultation on the following documents:

    Draft Homes for Local People SPD:  This provides further guidance for landowners, developers, applicants, agents and decision takers on how affordable housing policies should be applied to proposals for new residential development.

    Draft Heritage Management SPD:  This provides further guidance on the implementation of adopted Core Strategy Policies EQ2 and SG4, and policies EQ4 (Designated Assets) and EQ5 (Local Distinctiveness) in the Publication Draft Harrogate District Sites & Policies DPD, and additionally on the design elements of a number of other policies.  The main purpose of this guidance is to conserve heritage assets and to enhance or reinforce those characteristics of the environment that contribute to its high quality.

    Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule:  This provides details of the Council’s intention to introduce a levy (the Community Infrastructure Levy or ‘CIL’) on new development to help pay for the infrastructure necessary to support growth, such as schools, transport and health facilities.  The preliminary draft charging schedule provides an introduction to the CIL and how it will operate, and sets out the Council’s proposed charge rates for different types and locations of development.

    Draft Green Infrastructure Guide:  This provides further guidance to applicants, developers and decision takers on the application of policy IN2 (Green Infrastructure) in the Publication Draft Harrogate District Sites and Policies DPD.  It provides information about the importance and benefits of green infrastructure and case study examples of how to achieve well planned green infrastructure on a range of sites.

    You are encouraged to submit representations on the relevant response forms which are available to download from or by contacting the planning policy team. Completed response forms should be returned to:

    Planning Policy Team, Department of Development Services, Harrogate Borough Council, Knapping Mount, West Grove Road, Harrogate, HG1 2AE
    Or email:

    Representations must be received by 4.30pm on Friday 21 June 2013.

    Yours sincerely

    Tracey Rathmell

    Principal Planning Policy Manager
    Planning Policy Team
    Department of Development Services
    Harrogate Borough Council
    Knapping Mount
    West Grove Road
    HG1 2AE

  • Rural Opportunities Bulletin
  1. See

  • Bilton to Ripley Official Opening (sent to David Collett)
  1. The Bilton to Ripley Steering Group are pleased to invite you to a celebration of the opening of the first phase of the Nidderdale Greenway.  The event will take place on Saturday the 25th May.
    You, or a representative from your Parish Council, are invited to join us at 11am at the portrait bench artwork installation between Bilton Lane and Nidd Viaduct to travel with us along the greenway (walking or cycling) to Ripley Castle grounds where refreshments, stalls and entertainment will be available until 3pm.
    Parking is limited, especially on Bilton Lane.  You are encouraged to consider walking or cycling from home or using public transport if possible.  Further travel information will be sent once you have confirmed attendance.
    RSVP to 0113 2450006.
    Kind regards
    Councillor Michael Harrison
    Harrogate Borough Council

  •  HTF events update - spaces left!
  1. Dear Colleague
    I hope you are gearing up for a (partly) sunny weekend!
    We have a few places left on our Planning legislation update event on Monday : The NPPF, Neighbourhood Planning, Taylor Review and the Red Tape Challenge. Where are we, exactly?  Places are going fast so if you would still like to attend, either book online here: or call 07947 521567. If you don’t manage to get hold of us, turn up on the day and we will book you in then.
    In other news our second event on May 19/20 is now live: Community Engagement – it’s real, it’s now and it’s happening. Sharing good practice from within our towns, cities, and Neighbourhood Areas.
    To see the programme and book a place, click here:
    Now that Neighbourhood Planning is actually happening, we look at current case studies and legislation to help you navigate your way through community engagement, neighbourhood plans, and Government advice. With speakers from DCLG, Civic Voice, Locality, St Albans District Council, VisitEngland, Look! St Albans and other fascinating grass-roots case studies, we help to redefine what it is to be muscular with Localism. And with prices from as low as £50, this jam-packed day is not to be missed!
    Look out also for our forthcoming May newsletter, which will be with you shortly!
    Have a superb weekend.
    Warmest wishes

    Dr Noël  James
    Historic Towns Forum
    T: 01865 612033

  • Little Red Bus Service
  1. Hello All,
    I have attched a poster to this e-mail advertising the Little Red Bus Service in a Publisher format. I hope it would be possible for you to print it out and stick on your relevant notice boards.
    Much appreciated,
    Tom Barber
    On behalf of the Admin Team
    The Nidderdale Plus Partnership
    Registered address:
    7 The Old Workhouse
    King Street
    Pateley Bridge
    HG3 5LE
    Tel: 01423 714953
LittleRedBus2.pdfLittleRedBus2.pdf (185k bytes)

  1. If you would like to book or reserve a place on the following course please email or phone on 01904 436622 to reserve a place, a booking form is also attached.

    (in the morning)

    (in the afternoon)
    Tuesday, 14 May 2013
    Royal York Hotel, Station Road, York, YO24 1AA
    10.00am                             Registration and refreshments
    10.30am – 12.30pm         NEW COUNCILLORS
    12.30pm – 1.30pm           Lunch
    1.30pm -4.00pm               LOCAL COUNCIL FINANCE
    The full day session will start at 10am and finish at 4.00pm
    The cost of a place is £115 per delegate including lunch and refreshments.
    The morning session will start at 10am and finish at 12.30pm
    The cost of a place is £50 per delegate.
    The afternoon session will start at 1.30pm and finish at 4.00pm
    The cost of a place is £50 per delegate.

    You can choose either the full day attending both sessions with lunch and refreshments included or either the morning or afternoon session, please indicate on booking form which you are choosing.

  1. (Full day course with refreshments and lunch included)
    Saturday, 11 May 2013
    Royal York Hotel, Station Road, York, YO24 1AA
  2. This session aims to help councils understand their role in and get the most from the planning system.
    There will a particular focus on
    What is Planning?
    The role and responsibilities of local councils in the planning system
    The plan making context, in particular the new National Planning Policy Framework introduced in 2012 and
    Responding to planning applications, including best practice
    This full day course will commence at 10.30am with an hour in the middle of the day for lunch and networking and will conclude at 4.00pm.
    The sessions will focus on the new National Planning Policy Framework and best practice for local councils in responding to planning applications in their area under the NPPF which was introduced in 2012.              
    The cost of a place is £115 per delegate including lunch and refreshments.

  • New Funding For Neighbourhood Plans Goes Live
  1. Good afternoon,

    From time to time you will receive our neighbourhood planning updates. So we thought you would be very interested to know that, from today, communities can apply for up to £7,000 of government funding to support them in the preparation of their neighbourhood plan.

    You can find out more here.

    Kirkwells are one of the countries leading independent town planning consultancies supporting communities preparing neighbourhood plans, including government frontrunners and many other areas. So if you need help putting together your funding application or preparing your neighbourhood plan call Michael or Louise on 01282 872570 or reply to this email.

    And if you are a beginner needing to know more, or well advanced with your neighbourhood plan and want some insider's tips - book one of our popular free training sessions.

  1. Dear Clerk, this is a reminder to everyone to remember that there is need for the person that is elected to the office of Chairman or Mayor at the council’s Annual Meeting in May, to sign a declaration of acceptance of that office for the ensuing year.   A copy of the declaration is attached.  This is a simply worded document and should be retained by the clerk in the council files, it does not need to be sent to anyone else nor is there requirement to post it on the council’s website if it has one.
    We have noted that some clerks have been requesting copies of the councillors declaration which is used when they initially take up office as a councillor; however, once a councillor has signed this type of declaration there is no need for another to be completed during their term of office, ie not annually.
    A reminder too to ensure that the first item of business on the agenda of the Annual Meeting of the Council (please don’t use the term ‘AGM’) is the election of Chairman or Mayor and it is a good idea to follow that with an item which provides for the person elected to sign the declaration.

    Note that there is no requirement for a vice-chairman to sign a declaration but if this is your council’s policy and practice that is fine.

    For your information the relevant legislation is:
    That the election of chairman/mayor has to be the first item on the Annual Meeting agenda – Local Government Act 1972, Section 15, paragraph 2.
    That the chairman/mayor must sign a declaration of acceptance of this office – Local Government Act 1972, Section 83, paragraph 4.

  • Harrogate District Over 50s Forum
  1. Dear Parish Council
    I am writing to introduce the newly formed Over 50s Forum, set up to provide a voice for older people in the Harrogate District, which held its first ever AGM in March at the Harrogate Council Chambers.
    The Forum was set up to provide a means for older people in the area to come together and consider issues both locally and nationally that affect their lives and to have a voice and influence on the policies and services that affect them. It is an independent voluntary body run by older for older people and currently receives some support from Harrogate & Ripon Council for Voluntary Service.
    District and County Councillor Bernard Bateman and County Councillor Shelagh Marshall in their roles as Older People’s Champions are fully behind the new Forum which has two representatives on the North Yorkshire County Council Older People’s Partnership Board and three on the North Yorkshire Older People’s Forum.
    The Forum aims to link with other older people’s organisations on areas of joint concern and of joint interest sothere may be joint working opportunities in the future.
    The next meeting of the Forum is on the 16th May at St Peter’s Church in central Harrogate from 2- 4 , the theme of which is changes in  Healthcare in the Harrogate District; I’ve attached a flyer for your information.  We have also planned some social activities across the summer which includes two regular gatherings a month, a Sunday lunch and a trip to Helmsley walled Gardens.  The Forum is also linking in with existing organisations who already offer social activities.
    I’ve attached for your information the first annual report to give you an idea of some of the Forum’s activities.  If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Kind regards

  • Rural Services Netwrok Weekly Email News Digest - 29 April 2013
  1. See:

  1. Further to the White Rose Update newsletter that was sent to you last week, I am writing to advise that the Bill which proposed that parish precepts be capped at 2% and was due to receive a second reading on Friday 26 April, failed to pass through Parliament by the end of the session and will not proceed any further.
    We have received a message from the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) this morning thanking any member council that managed to make representation to its MP on this matter.  Many county associations, the National Association and individual councils across the country contributed to influence the opposition of the Bill; an excellent countrywide effort by the parish sector.
    NALC has also taken the opportunity to inform us of the outcome of its discussions with the All Party Parliamentary Group for Local Democracy which was held on Thursday, 25 April.
    This session focused on local government finance and in particular the impact of the localisation of council tax support on parish and town councils and also precept capping.  The objective of the session was to press the Minister to introduce statutory guidance to force billing authorities to pass on to parish and town councils the compensating grant through the localisation of council tax benefit support scheme.  The session was very well attended by around 25 MPs (as well as by several researchers whose MP was not able to attend in person), plus the Minister for Local Government, Brandon Lewis MP.
    Debate at the meeting among MPs showed widespread cross-party support for parish and town councils, for statutory guidance and disappointment of the news that some billing authorities had not passed on any grant this year.   The Minister made a commitment to look at whether statutory guidance was needed when he considers during the summer how the scheme has operated this year.
    The session also discussed the possible capping of parish and town council precepts through either the referendum measures introduced in the Localism Act or the backbench Parish Precepts Bill recently introduced under the Ten Minute Rule. The meeting agreed that capping of parish and town council precepts in this way would be counter-productive and anti-localist, and the Minister reiterated he was keeping the situation under review.   NALC and county associations will continue to lobby however against any proposals  to cap parish precepts.  Rory Stewart MP, the Chairman of the APPG, is writing to the Minister on behalf of the Group and those MPs who attended to reiterate the above points in order to keep up the pressure.
    NALC has expressed a sincere thank you once again for the help and ongoing support of county associations and member councils in working with the Association on this issue to try and achieve the best outcome for parish and town councils. The attendance and engagement of MPs at this session was in direct response to requests from county associations early last week and NALC is pleased that this demonstrates how powerful a voice the parish sector has when it mobilises quickly and works together to have parishes heard at the highest levels.

    Yours sincerely
    Sheena Spence

  • Harrogate & Ripon CVS Monthly E-Mailing - May 2013
  1. Our HARCVS publications for May  are available to download on our website

  1. Please find attached the latest White Rose Update for April 2013 and Training Programme for May to June 2013.
WRU April 2013.pdfWRU April 2013.pdf (109k bytes)

  • Realise your ambitions for your parish with Neighbourhood Planning
  1. YLCA has been asked to circulate the information below/attached and we have agreed to do so as it may be useful to our member councils.  Circulation of this information does not serve as promotion of or endorsement of the advertiser by YLCA nor does it serve as a recommendation from these Associations.

  • NHW Newsletter Look Out for April 2013
  1. Dear all,
    Please receive latest edition of LOOK OUT.
    Best wishes,
    Peter Dallas
    Harrogate & District Neighbourhood Watch Association
    Charity No. 1076228

  • 2011 CENSUS for Hampsthwaite
  1. Dear Parish Council
    As you are no doubt aware the results from the 2011 Census are gradually being released to the public.  I thought the attached documents showing the results from your Parish might be of interest.

    Fiona Friday
    Corporate Improvement Officer (Empowerment/Engagement)
    Harrogate Borough Council
    Corporate Policy and Improvement Department
    Council Offices
    Crescent Gardens
    HG1 2SG
    Tel :01423 556068

  1. Dear Clerk, at first glance this consultation sounds very much as though it has nothing to do with the parish sector, however that it not quite correct.

    The Government is consulting on proposals to protect the independent press from unfair competition by introducing legislation providing the Secretary of State with powers to make directions requiring local authorities to comply with some or all of the Code of Recommended Practice on Local Authority Publicity’s (the “Publicity Code’s”) recommendations.  The focus of this consultation is around taxpayers being confident that any of their money spent by their council on publicity is being used appropriately; and local independent newspapers – who the Government sees as being important contributors to sustaining a vibrant local democracy - will not be at risk through unfair, taxpayer funded, competition.

    Both YLCA and the National Association of Local Councils will be contributing to the consultation but parishes are invited to comment themselves.  Please find a briefing paper attached which has been produced by NALC.  This also gives the web-link to the consultation paper.

    Any parish that does respond is encouraged to send a copy to YLCA to help inform the submissions of these Associations and NALC.  Thank you.

    Yours sincerely
    Sheena Spence
    Yorkshire Local Councils Associations
    York House
    Outgang Lane
    YO19 5UP
    Tel:  01904 436622

  •  Rural Services Network - Weekly Email News Digest - 22 April 2013
  1. See -

  •  Rural Services Network - Weekly Email News Digest - 15 April 2013
  1. See -

  1. Good afternoon Mr Moore,
    I refer to our previous correspondence in connection with the Parish Council’s request for the introduction of designated disabled parking bay on High Street, Hampsthwaite.
    I am pleased to confirm that the restriction has now been approved following the recent meeting of the Harrogate Area Committee. The Council's legal team will now arrange for the enabling traffic regulation order to be sealed and instructions will be issued to the Council’s contractors to install the appropriate road markings. It is envisaged that works will be completed by Monday 3 June 2013 when the traffic regulation order becomes operational although this will be dependent upon the contractors work and time constraints.
    I trust this meets with your approval.
    Paul Ryan
    Traffic Management & Development Control Engineer
    North Yorkshire County Council

  • Rural Services Network - Rural Opportunities Bulletin
  1. See -

  1. DCLG has asked YLCA if its member councils would complete a short online survey which is going live on 10 April 2013 and will be open until 10 May 2013.  
    The aim of the survey is to develop a better understanding of how town, parish, community and village councils are embracing community rights to empower their neighbourhoods to take action and influence local services.  DCLG specifically wants to learn more about how local councils are taking forward activity to support Neighbourhood Planning, Community Right to Challenge, Asset Transfer and Community Right to Bid and General Power of Competence.  The purpose of this work is to help inform the future development of Government’s work with parishes and to help influence local decision making on the issues which the survey highlights.
    DCLG has said that the survey includes a short series of questions and will only take 10 – 15 minutes to complete.
    Thank you in advance for your comments. To begin, please click the survey URL below:

    Yours sincerely
    Sheena Spence
    Yorkshire Local Councils Associations

  • Business events in Pateley Bridge
  1. We have invited Raworths solicitors (Harrogate) to hold one of their free EMPLOYMENT LAW SEMINARS in Pateley Bridge - on Wednesday 17 April at 12.30pm. Please see details on the attached invite and email to confirm your free place.
    We have also invited SUPERFAST NORTH YORKSHIRE to come on Wednesday 25 April (4.30pm) and brief businesses on what programme of support is available now (including master-classes and 1-1 support) to ensure businesses take full advantage of increased internet connectivity, as improved broadband is rolled out across the area. Visit to find out more and book on-line or email to confirm your free place at this event.
    I look forward to seeing you at these events.

    Best wishes
    Katy Penn
    Partnership Manager
    The Old Workhouse
    King Street
    Pateley Bridge
    HG3 5LE
    Tel: 01423 714953

  • Compass Young Persons A&E Link worker
  1. We have a new vacancy within Compass and would be grateful if you would forward this email as appropriate and relevant.

    Young People’s A&E Link Worker, Scarborough
    Full time 37 hours per week, £17,245-£20,603 p.a. (12 month fixed term contract)
    An exciting opportunity has arisen for Compass to develop a new and innovative service working directly with young people who present at Scarborough Accident & Emergency as a consequence of alcohol related incidences.
    We are looking for an enthusiastic, dynamic individual who has a ‘can do’ approach to work, excellent interpersonal skills and knowledge of working with young people or vulnerable adults. The Compass Young Persons A&E Link worker will be based at Scarborough Hospital A&E Department but will be expected to work autonomously and flexibly across the local area to best meet the needs of the young people and their families. The post will also be part of the Compass REACH service (North Yorkshire Risk Taking Behaviour Service).

    Working from the Scarborough Hospital A&E Department, the post will provide low level brief interventions (tier two) based on the ‘teachable moment’ model of delivery to young people (up to the age of 19 years) who attend A&E with an alcohol related injury or intoxication.  The post will also be expected to deliver professional training to medical staff working at Scarborough A&E and build effective partnerships with A&E staff and other key partners such as the Cambridge Centre, PCSO’s, ambulance crews, children and family teams and other young peoples substance misuse teams
    Knowledge and experience of delivering alcohol related services is not essential pre requisite as training will be provided as part of induction.
    For more information please see attached job profile and person specification.  For details on how to apply, please visit our website
    Closing date – 5.00pm on 26th April 2013 (Interview date will be shortly afterwards)
Good afternoon Mr Moore,
I refer to our previous correspondence in connection with the Parish Council’s request for the introduction of designated disabled parking bay on High Street, Hampsthwaite.
I am pleased to confirm that the restriction has now been approved following the recent meeting of the Harrogate Area Committee. The Council's legal team will now arrange for the enabling traffic regulation order to be sealed and instructions will be issued to the Council’s contractors to install the appropriate road markings. It is envisaged that works will be completed by Monday 3 June 2013 when the traffic regulation order becomes operational although this will be dependent upon the contractors work and time constraints.
I trust this meets with your approval.
Paul Ryan
Traffic Management & Development Control Engineer
North Yorkshire County Council
13th May 2013

Parish Council mailings for meeting on 13th May 2013