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  • Brookfield Garth Proposed Development

  • Barkers Family History

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  • BARKER Family History

    Descendants of John and Grace BarkerbyShaun L Wilson – February 2017 Barker families have resided in Hampsthwaite since the early seventeenth century and were extensive in the area during the nineteenth century. From the 1881 England Census for Hampsthwaite taken on 3rd April that year, Barker was the most popular name totalling 57 out of 457 people enumerated – 12.5% of those recorded living in Hampsthwaite at the time of that census. From the registers of Hampsthwaite parish, Barkers were in existence as early as 1610. The earliest Barker mentioned is John Barker, son of Peter who was baptised on 17th March that year.Where Hampsthwaite is mentioned in this article it refers to both village and parish. We will never know exactly where the early Barker’s dwelling houses were as they are not recorded in either the parish registers or on the early census returns, but it is assumed that they lived in the village or within the parish. It was not until the England Census of 1911 that full address details were given together with the total number of children born alive to the present marriage of the head of the family.
  • Tom Wright reflects upon the Barker family in Hampsthwaite

    As far as I can ascertain there were no Barkers in Hampsthwaite prior to the 18th century. The earliest reference I could find was to the marriage of John Barker, a tailor, to Ann Messenger (daughter of William Messenger) in the parish church sometime near the beginning of the 1700s. I don’t know from whence he originated.They had several children, as did all the Barkers, but I have only recorded my own direct ancestors. They were his son James Barker (1744) & Hannah Dousland; William Barker (1781) & Catherine Swale; John Barker (1810) & Mary Nutter; George Barker (1845) & Sarah ???  who themselves produced Rowland Barker and siblings. He married Eliza Jackson (from an even older family in Birstwith) and they were my maternal Grandparents.(See also and )
  • Disclaimer

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  • Parish Council Minutes Archive 2017

    Minutes from Parish Council meetings in 2017
  • Northern Powergrid and Gas Networks

    The Northern Power Grid and the Northern Gas Networks are the organisations responsible for the delivery of  electricity and gas within our region
  • Yoga Classes

    Jann is a Yoga & Energy Medicine Teacher and Therapist and lover of all things Holistic, Herbal, Organic and Natural and I’m a life long passionate supporter of The Healing Arts that are rooted in our Ancient Wisdoms of Massage, Dancing, Sound, Singing, Drumming, Painting, Meditating, Coming together in circle. Jann's weekly sessions are hosted at Hampsthwaite Memorial Hall and listed in the hall's Contact Jann for details:Tel:  07585 807046Web: (with Events section at
  • SuperFast North Yorkshire

    Beware of Computer Scams If you receive a  phone call purporting to be from Microsoft support or similar, to say that your computer has sent them a critical error message, ignore it even if they have your phone number and name!They will get you to visit a particular web page in your web browser. Something on the web page will enable them to have control of your computer. They can then load spyware, steal passwords or just use your machine to relay other illegal content, for example.If you think it might be genuine (VERY unlikely!), thank the caller, put the phone down, then contact your computer supplier or Microsoft Support yourself - see Whenever you receive an unexpected email just copy the subject line or part of its text and paste it into Google. You will soon discover if it is a scam. NEVER open links or accept attachments from emails you are unsure of. Remember: if it sounds too good to be true; it probably is!
  • Hampsthwaite Picture House

    Check the programme of film screenings by visiting the Hampsthwaite Picture House website. Films screened at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated. Come along and enjoy an evening with family and friends sat at our convivial, candle-lit tables with refreshments, 'nibbles', food and bar as appropriate to the film being shown. Tickets available from Hampsthwaite Post Office ( or at the door if available) - why not book a table and come as a group?
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11th March 2013

Parish Council mailings for meeting on 11th March 2013

  • Rural Services Network Weekly Email News Digest - 11 March 2013
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  • Workshop invitation: Fuel Poverty and Carbon Monoxide awareness
  1. I am pleased to enclose an invitation to a stakeholder workshop taking place later this month where we will be discussing issues relating to fuel poverty and carbon monoxide awareness.  
    We do hope you are able to attend. If not please pass this invitation on to a suitable colleague who may be interested in these issues.
    Yours faithfully, Alex Coleman.
    Alex Coleman| Account Executive
    D 0118 983 9474


    Tackling fuel poverty and improving carbon monoxide awareness

    I am writing to you on behalf of Northern Gas Networks, the company responsible for transporting gas to homes and businesses across the North of England.  During 2011 we consulted stakeholders from across our network on what our investment priorities should be, how we can better support customers, what we should be doing to meet our social obligations and more. Feedback to this consultation helped us to develop the request for funding that we submitted to our regulator Ofgem in the summer of 2012.

    After considering our proposals, Ofgem has now confirmed our funding for the next eight years. Whilst much of this funding is earmarked for specific purposes there are a number of areas where what we spend and how we spend it are flexible. Tackling fuel poverty and raising awareness of carbon monoxide are two such areas where there is flexibility, meaning that your views can make a real difference to how we operate.

    I am, therefore, pleased to invite you to a stakeholder workshop where we will be discussing our social obligations in terms of tackling fuel poverty and improving safety in relation to carbon monoxide awareness.

    As a key stakeholder, your views and comments will help to ensure that our responsibilities to customers, including vulnerable customers, form an integral part of our future investment plans. The workshop will include short presentations from our senior personnel and round table discussions followed by the chance to have an informal discussion over lunch.

    We’d be delighted if you could join us at our workshop at:

    The Oak Room at the Royal York Hotel (next to York Station, car parking available)
    Tuesday 26th March
    Registration, coffees and pastries from 9.15 am
    Workshops 10 am – 1 pm
    Lunch served from 1pm – 2pm

    Please RSVP by email to or by phoning him on 0118 983 9474 by Wednesday 20th March. If possible please complete and return the attached registration document.  Green Issues Communiqué is helping to organise and facilitate our workshops. Myself and fellow representatives of Northern Gas Networks will be present at the workshops and look forward to meeting with you.

    If you are unable to attend please pass on this invite to a colleague so that your organisation can be represented if at all possible.
    Yours sincerely
    David Gill
    Director of Stakeholder Relations
    Find out more about Northern Gas Networks at
Response Form.docResponse Form.doc (73.2k bytes)

  • Multi Agency Problem Solving - A Guide
  1. The Harrogate District Community Safety Partnership has produced a guide to the Multi Agency Problem Solving (MAPS) process.
    This is a guide for practitioners to understand the process and how cases are dealt with, the links to other work areas and the important issue of confidentiality.
    I am aware that we refer to the MAPS process in meetings and in various reports, so we hope the guide gives the clarity and understanding in a short leaflet.
    If you would like a hard copy of the leaflet please let me know and we can arrange to get one sent to you. If you do have any queries do not hesitate to contact either myself or Mel Greaves
    We would also welcome any feedback.


    Julia Stack BA (Hons)
    Community Safety & CCTV Manager
    Harrogate Borough Council
    Springfield House
    Kings Road
    North Yorkshire
    HG1 5NX

    Tel: 01423 500600 Ext 56632
    Fax: 01423 556820

  1. Please find attached the latest YLCA information note containing news about developments and events of relevance to the local council sector.

  1. There are still places available on the courses below if you are interested and wish to book or reserve a place please contact me either via phone or email, attached is the programme with booking form.  If you are wishing to book a place for the 15 March could you please let me know by Friday 8 March.

  • Consultation –Allocation of Council Housing Stock
  1. Harrogate Borough Council currently allocates council stock homes and a large percentage of housing association stock on a points based scheme.

    The allocations policy is currently under review, at present there are over 3000 applicants on the waiting list and the council only re-let between 300 – 350 properties per year.

    The waiting list has always been “open” meaning that anyone can join the waiting list.  But as demand is outweighing supply, the council is consulting people across the district to find out your views on how the allocation of housing stock should be done in future. The demand for council housing is likely to increase further due to the economic downturn and the welfare benefit changes.  More families are likely to struggle to make ends meet which will result in more people wanting council housing.  In the Localism Act 2010,  the Government is giving councils the authority to decide how and who the waiting list should be open for, as well as those who will no longer have access to it. Before the new allocations policy is drafted we are consulting with people from across the district to find out your opinions.

    The link below will take you to a survey which will ask for your opinions on the options the council can look at when processing and allocating properties. The questionnaire will take about 10 minutes to answer.

    This is only first part of the consultation process, when we have taken into account the results from the surveys and written a draft allocation policy there will be a second consultation.


    If you have any queries about the consultation or would like support while filling in the survey please feel free to contact Gill Dalby on 01423 551621.

    I would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to fill out the survey.



    Mrs Gill Dalby
    Tenancy Services
    01423 551621

    Kennion Road Housing Office
    13/15 Kennion Road
    HG2 7QY

  • BBC Documentary - The Gift
  1. Please share with your contacts.
    If you think you can suggest anyone for the programme please contact Rachel Ozers directly.
    Thank you
    Sarah Glew

    Admin & Project Support Officer
    Community Safety Partnership
    Harrogate Borough Council
    Department of Community Services
    Springfield House
    Kings Road
    HG1 5NX

    From: Rachel Ozers []
    Sent: 01 March 2013 12:07
    To: Julia Stack
    Subject: BBC Documentary - The Gift

    Julia Stack,

    I’m sorry for emailing you out of the blue, but I’m hoping you might be able to help me. I’m a researcher at Wall to Wall Television, the TV production company that makes ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ and the hit family reunion series ‘Long Lost Family’. I’m working on a new programme for BBC One called ‘The Gift’ (working title). It’s a programme that will help people try and make amends for something that they have done or express their gratitude to someone who has changed their life.  For many people it is often not possible to do this by themselves – they may have no idea how to track down the stranger who saved their life – or perhaps they can’t find the courage to make an approach to an old friend alone. The Gift is the programme that can help them achieve this.

    With a team of professional mediators, psychologists and experts in tracing people, the programme will help put these people in touch, help them find a gesture or gift that represents their feelings and support them through a meeting.  I have attached some background information below that explains the programme in a bit more detail.

    I am currently trying to find people who may need our help. I thought that approaching you and the Neighbourhood Watch and Community Safety Partnership Schemes you work with might be a really good way to contact people in the local community who may have had experiences such as these. I have attached our A4 advert – I would be extremely grateful if you are able to forward this round to your colleagues, members and friends, or put it up on any notice boards, social media or other places you think people might see it. Please let me know if I can send this over to you in a more accessible format.

    We would be extremely grateful for any help that you are able to give us in spreading the word about ‘The Gift’. It is only with help from people such as you that we are able make programmes that change people’s lives.

    Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you,


    Rachel Ozers
    Wall to Wall
    85 Gray's Inn Road
    WC1X 8TX
    Direct Line: 020 7241 9310

  • North Yorkshire Now March 2013

  • Rural Services Network - Weekly Email News Digest - 4 March 2013

  • A Call for Evidence
  1. We would value your input to research we are carrying out for Defra, for which we are seeking to identify interesting examples of alternative service delivery in rural areas. (We refer to these as ‘schemes’ in the questionnaire.)

    This call for evidence will be open for your input until Thursday 14th March.

    Our main focus is the provision of rural services by non-statutory organisations, especially those being delivered by the community sector, voluntary sector or social enterprise. However, we don’t wish to exclude other examples such as those provided by private companies or a local authority. The aims of this research are to analyse the factors that have helped some initiatives to succeed and to identify those barriers that cause delays to, or even prevent, potentially beneficial schemes.

    We hope to identify a wide variety of different examples including:
    -          those that replace or supplement services traditionally provided by the public sector;
    -          those that replace previous commercial provision; and
    -          those that address a previously unmet rural community need.

    Successful schemes and those that have encountered difficulties are of equal interest to us. We would therefore be very grateful to hear from you if you know about a community (‘Big Society’) initiative in any of the following categories:

    -     one that succeeds in meeting a rural service need and which has not encountered any particular difficulties;
    -          one where the service set-up was delayed by difficulties encountered (whether it is operational now or hopes to be so soon);
    -          one where the difficulties encountered meant that it was ultimately not possible to set-up an operational scheme; or
    -          one which has been operational, but where difficulties were experienced later that impacted on the maintenance of the service.

    Please would you help our research by spending just a few minutes to complete this questionnaire?

    It would also be appreciated if you would forward this request to anyone else that may be able to assist.

    If there are any comments that you would like to make about ‘alternative’ service delivery more generally, or documentation that you would like to send us (preferably electronically) please reply to me at
    Thank you.
    Jane Hart

  • 'Talking Safety' event at Harrogate Library on 20th March 2013
  1. Please see the attached poster for a community safety event that has been organised by NYCC Harrogate Library.

  • Rural Services network - Weekly Email News Digest - 25 February 2013
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  • Harrogate & Ripon CVS's Joint Monthly E-Mailing - March 2013
  1. Find out what’s happening in our local voluntary and community sector –
    Our joint CVS publications for March are available to download on our websites and
    The monthly Funding Bulletin keeps you in touch with new funding opportunities and approaching deadlines –
    Read the latest March edition   
    You can find out more about our funding advice and information service at
    You can also follow @HACVSFundDev on twitter for latest funding snippets and top tips!
    Our Monthly Events Diary and the Regular Events Diary give details of local training, forums, support groups, lunch clubs, coffee mornings, meetings and community events. There’s lots of community activity happening in March in our district as well as lots of regular events.
    We cover Harrogate and Knaresborough & area events and Ripon, Boroughbridge, Pateley Bridge and Masham & area events
    Care in Action the bi-monthly joint CVS Newsletter contains lots of information of interest to the local voluntary and community sector and our partners.
    Read the latest February edition        
    VolCanO – Read the latest February edition of the bi-monthly Volunteer Centre Newsletter for Volunteer Managers and Organisers.
    The Welfare Reform Act 2012 made simple  A Harrogate District Trustee Network FREE event for Charity Trustees & other Decision Makers
    Tuesday 12 March 2013, 17.00-18.45 (light sandwich refreshments from 17.00)
    Disability Action Yorkshire, Hornbeam Park Oval, Harrogate, HG2 8RB
    Understanding the nature of changes and impact for your service users with Heather Theobold, Unit Co-ordinator, Welfare Benefits Unit, York
    This is your opportunity to question an expert and engage in discussion. The meeting is FREE to attend but please book your place.
    Our contact for bookings is Bev Richardson  Email:  Tel: 01423 504074
    HACVS Training Courses Spring 2013 - details and online booking at   Discounts for HACVS full members!  
    Featured course - Strengthening and Diversifying Your Organisation’s Income - 27th February 2013 from 10am – 4pm in Harrogate
    Course Overview: Provides a thorough exploration of what income diversification means; the options available; the tools charities use and how to apply them successfully in the context of your organisation. More details and booking  online  
    FREE Bursary Training Places for Trustees  - For a limited time only!
    These bursaries are funded by the Big Lottery Awards For All Fund and are only available until the end of March 2013.
    Places are available on a range of training, workshops and events. Details of some of the sessions and how to book may be found here   
    Please don’t miss out on discounts for your charity or group, renew your HACVS membership  
    Full members are entitled to discounts on services
         * Reduced rates on training  
        * Discounts on insurance – HACVS full members can claim a 5% discount on an insurance quote from Tennyson Insurance
        * Free advertising of job opportunities on our website and in our weekly e-network bulletin.
        * Reduced rates for enclosing an insert in our postal mailing to help promote your organisation and on our office services  
        * We’re always happy to help promote members’ events and services in our monthly calendar and e-network too – and on twitter and facebook.
    Return of the popular Social Media Surgery at Harrogate Community House
    Find out how to use twitter, facebook, blogs, free websites and more to help promote your charity or local group.
    Free one-to-one sessions looking at the particular needs of your organisation will be held between 6-8pm on Monday 22 April. Coffee, tea and cake will be served.
    Book online at
    Keeping up to date with local, regional & national news
    As well as a monthly emailing, we also send out weekly e-news bulletins during the month for events and information of interest to the local voluntary and community sector and our partners, which misses our Newsletter deadlines. If you don't already receive these updates, and would like to, simply reply to this email with the subject 'Add to e-network updates'
    You can also follow HACVS on Twitter  and, for volunteering topics and opportunities, follow the Harrogate Volunteer Centre

     You can also find us on Facebook   - please ‘like’ us!

  • Marie Curie Cancer Care
  1. Dear Clerk,
    YLCA has been asked to circulate the information below by Marie Curie Cancer Care.  Please can you consider using this editorial in the next edition of your parish newsletter?
    Thank you
    Yours sincerely
    Sheena Spence

    Great Daffodil Appeal

    Marie Curie Cancer Care is appealing for people to donate an hour of their time this March, to collect for the charity’s annual Great Daffodil Appeal.

    The Great Daffodil Appeal is Marie Curie’s biggest fundraiser which encourages everyone to give a donation and wear a daffodil pin in March.

    The charity needs volunteer collectors to encourage people in the local community to wear a daffodil pin and give a donation during March. The money raised locally will support the work of the local Marie Curie Nursing Service.
    So be part of something Great. Each March, thousands of people take to the streets to collect vital funds for the Great Daffodil Appeal and there are collections near you that you can get involved in.

    Local Fundraiser Kyla Collins said; “This year we're asking people to join us and play a part in our Great Daffodil Appeal by simply encouraging people in your area to give a donation for a Marie Curie daffodil pin. Whether you're new to collecting or an old hand, we'll help you get the most out of your day and your collection tin. Every penny you raise will make a great difference to people in their final hours. Collecting is great fun, some of our collectors get dressed up and wear our wonderful yellow hats, some come along with friends. You always meet lots of people and so many people approach you to tell you about the invaluable support they’ve received from Marie Curie Nurses and you feel like you are really making a difference.”

    Street and store collections take place throughout March across the area and Marie Curie need lots of volunteers to help. Donating just one or two hours of your time to the appeal will allow Marie Curie nurses to provide more free care to people with terminal cancer and other illnesses in their own homes in this area.

    To volunteer to collect for Marie Curie Cancer Care and support the Great Daffodil Appeal call 01904 436625, email or visit

    Many Thanks

    Kyla Collins

    Kyla Collins
    Community Fundraiser
    North & East Yorkshire and South Teesside
    York House,Outgang Lane
    YO19 5UP
    Tel: 01904 436625
    Mob: 07545 421584


  • Kirkwells' Neighbourhood Planning News February 2013

  • Letter from the Boundary Commission


  • Rural Services Network Weekly Email News Digest - 18 February 2013
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  1. Please find attached herewith, details of a temporary road closure being undertaken in the above area.
    Contact details for further information contained within notice.
    As an update to the Notice, works are intended to commence on 20 March 2013 for one week, although this may be subject to change.
11th March 2013

Parish Council mailings for meeting on 11th March 2013