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  • Community Payback

    Details of the work of the Community Payback Team in Hampsthwaite Hampsthwaite Parish Council was approached in December 2016 to seek our support for the Community Payback scheme. The Unpaid Work Requirement (commonly known as Community Payback) is one of the requirements that can be included in a community order. It involves service users doing compulsory work for the benefit of the community. Types of Work Undertaken Work in Hampsthwaite Volunteers Current Year Reports Contact: Unpaid Work Placement Coordinator, Interserve (Justice) The Humberside, Lincolnshire & North Yorkshire Community Rehabilitation Company Ltd Harrogate Probation Office Harrogate Redefining the future for people and placesWebsite: www.interserve.comPhone: 07720  213674Email:
  • Information

    The Village Room began its life as a purpose-built reading room constructed in stone with a boarded roof covered in slate and with its interior beams exposed in a vaulted roof. It opened to the public in August 1890. Now the Room is a regular venue for meetings including the Parish Council, the Village Society Committee and the Wednesday Group.Hampsthwaite Village Room High Street,HG3 2ET For bookings, contact: T:  01423 770332 E: See also the History section for a brief history of
  • Village Room Events Calendar

    Details of events and meetings at Hampsthwaite Village Room.PLEASE NOTE: whilst every effort is made to ensure this calendar is kept up to date and can be used for guidance, potential Village Room users are strongly advised to confirm vacancies with the Booking Secretary before committing to a date for any new events. For bookings, contact:Booking SecretaryT:  01423 770332E: you need to visit the Village Room prior to an event, please make an appointment with the Booking Secretary to help us avoid any inconvenience to other hirers.
  • Harrogate Housing Association

    Affordable Homes to Rent and Buy for local people at Grange Park Hampsthwaite We are a small, but expanding, housing association who only operate in the Harrogate District. We offer homes for rent and on a shared ownership basis and have 1, 2 and 3 bedroomed homes on Grange Park. With a personal, local service we want to help our customers create homes near family and work.
  • Christmas Tree Festival

    St. Thomas a Becket Church, Hampsthwaite are holding a Christmas Tree Festival over the weekend of 15th – 17th December.There will be a ‘Preview Evening & Concert ’ on Friday 15th with wine and canapes being served from 6.30 p.m and with a choral performance from Voces Seraphorum from 7.00 – 7.45 p.m. – tickets can be purchased from Hampsthwaite Post Office or you can buy them on the door (£7.00).The church will be open from 10.00 – 16.00 on Saturday 16th December for you to come along and enjoy the Christmas Trees and there will be refreshments served throughout the day.
  • Hands Off Hampsthwaite Action Group

    Newsletters and Updates resulting from Action Group meetings An Action Group to oppose excessive development in Hampsthwaite was formed following the public meting at the Memorial Hall on Thursday 19th July 2017.Meetings are held on Monday evenings, 6.00pm  at Sophie's Coffee Shop unless advised otherwise. Email: URL: FaceBook:@handsoffhampsthwaitevillage Twitter:
  • Management Committee Meetings

    "The general management and control of the Trust Premises and the Arrangements for their use shall be vested in a Committee of Management (hereinafter called “the Committee”) consisting of not more than Twenty-five members (exclusive of members co-opted . . . )" and "All members of the Committee shall retire annually at the Annual General Meeting". Extracts from Conveyance No.8791 dated 24th April 1953


    Harrogate Borough Council is currently preparing a new Local Plan which will set out how the district should grow and develop to 2035. Link to HBC's Online Planning Application Information (opens in a new window) Link to Harrogate District Draft Local Plan Additional Sites consultation 14 July - 25 August 2017 (opens in a new window)
  • Birstwith Road Site (HM9)

    Harrogate Borough Council is preparing a new Local Plan that will set out how the district should grow and develop to 2035. Birstwith Road is proposed as an Additional Site HM9 and is now the subject of a consultation exercise.See:
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14th January 2013

Parish Council mailings for meeting on 14th January 2013


  • Weekly Email News Digest - 14 January 2013

  • Precept reduction by Grant

  1. We have been advised by the National Association of Local Councils that it has extensively revised its Legal Topic Note (LTN) 22 which gives employment advice.
    The LTN now contains a model template for grievance and disciplinary arrangements and as you will know from reading White Rose Update, these are policies that we have been strongly recommending that all local councils should have.

  • Notice and Agenda for Harrogate Area Committee Meeting 17 January 2013

  • North Yorkshire Now newsletter January 2013


  • Giving parish and town councils a voice in localism
  1. Dear Reader,
    We are putting together an interactive forum for 50 key Councillors and community stakeholders to discuss the progress made a year on from the Localism Act (2011). This influential piece of legislation has become a cornerstone of the government's approach to deliver improved services, make cost savings and produce sustainable growth.
    It is important to us to have representation from a variety of sectors and backgrounds and we have ten places allocated for Parish Councillors to attend and share their views and experiences of the localism agenda.
    This forum will look at the five key measures of the Localism Act (Nov, 2011) and assess where we are now and what more can be done. The five key measures are:
    * Community rights
    * Neighbourhood planning
    * Housing
    * General power of competence
    * Empowering cities and other local areas
    CONFIRMED SPEAKER: Justin Griggs, Head of Policy and Development, National Association of Local Councils will deliver a session entitled, 'What Next for Localism? Giving Parish and Town Councils a Voice in the Next Steps for Localism' which will cover the following key discussion points:
    * Parish and Town councils view on the progress of delivering true localism
    * Driving the next evolution of localism; using an open and transparent inquiry
    * Helping communities to flourish by sharing innovative ideas
    * Some examples of the innovative ideas suggested so far
    * Common themes emerging from the inquiry
    * What next for localism?
    * Analyse the Localism Act one year on: The government's progress in empowering communities
    * Assess the role of localism in producing, open, transparent and accountable public services
    * Learn how to overcome obstacles to an equal partnership between central and local government
    * Hear about the available funding to deliver a wider choice of community services
    * Examine new plans to give parish and town councils a voice in the next steps for Localism
    Click this link to activate your discount -
    View the full agenda -
    For further information or for group booking enquiries, please email or call 0845 666 0664.
    Places are limited and early booking is therefore advisable.
    Please feel free to pass this email onto colleagues who you think might be interested in attending.
    Kind Regards,
    Mark Taylor
    Localism 2013

  • Weekly Email News Digest - 7 January 2013


  1. Dear Clerks & Chairman,
    From the casework advice requests we receive we know that issues around village greens and common land are of concern to many of our members.
    With the above in mind we have provisionally arranged a training session on the law relating to village greens and common land for Saturday 6 April (10am – 4pm) in Harrogate (venue tbc). The training would be delivered jointly by YLCA and the Open Spaces Society. The cost of a space at the training would be £115.
    In order to confirm whether this training will go ahead we are inviting provisional expressions of interest in attending from our members. If your council or parish meeting is interested then please let my colleague Joy Morgan know at the YLCA office.
    Yours sincerely
    Chris Pilkington

  • Weekly Email News Digest - 31 December 2012

  • Weekly Email News Digest - 24 December 2012

  1. Dear Clerk or Chairman,
    On Wednesday 19 December the Secretary of State for Communities and Local government, Eric Pickles, stated in Parliament that the capping proposals for Principal Authorities would not be applied to Town and Parish Councils for 2013/14. The full DCLG statement is as follows:
    “The Coalition Agreement committed the government to relinquishing control over excessive Council Tax increases and giving that democratic power directly to local communities. This was legislated for through the Localism Act. The government has today published the Council Tax principles it is proposing for 2013 to 2014. Council Tax increases would trigger a referendum, if they exceed:
    2% for most principal authorities; or £5 (whichever is higher) in the case of shire district councils, police and crime commissioners and fire and rescue authorities that set the lowest quartile of Council Tax in their class
    The final principles for 2013 to 2014 will be set out in a report for the approval of the House of Commons early next year, at the same time as the final report on the local government finance settlement. No equivalent principles are being proposed for town and parish councils for 2013 to 2014, although they may in future years.”
    The above should come with a slight health warning in that it appears dependent on a vote in the House of Commons in January. However this would appear to be just a formality. We are awaiting detailed information about the statement from the National Association of Local Councils and will circulate it to member councils when it is received.
    Yours sincerely
    Chris Pilkington

  1. Copy of letter to NYCC attached

  • YLCA information note for 14 December 2012
Please find attached the latest YLCA information note for 14 December 2012.

  1. Please find attached training programme for January to March 2013 if you wish to reserve places please contact me either via email/phone or complete the booking form and return.

  • [UKWIN] Jeremy Irons encourages opposition to local incinerator plans - could be fed to local media
  1. In Trashed, an environmental documentary, Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons explores the world’s most environmentally polluted places to reveal the extent our rubbish is affecting us and our planet. In a recent Guardian interview, Jeremy asked viewers to research whether there is an incinerator planned for their area “and, if there is, to oppose it”. The quote from Jeremy Irons which is contained in the UKWIN article just posted to: provides a sort of Christmas gift to the anti-incineration movement.
    The News Section of the UKWIN website [ ], along with the Quote Bank [ ], is frequently updated to provide useful information and quotable quotes to help local campaigns get the message out. Whilst I don't usually notify people of new items on the website, I thought this article could be adapted by members of campaigns to feed to their local newspaper, etc, for their local situation, e.g. 'Jeremy Irons provides boost for local anti-incineration campaign'.
    Jeremy Irons encourages world to oppose local incinerator proposals

    In Trashed, an environmental documentary, Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons explores the world’s most environmentally polluted places to reveal the extent our rubbish is affecting us and our planet. In a recent Guardian interview, Jeremy asked viewers to research whether there is an incinerator proposed for their area “and, if there is, to oppose it”.
    Trashed: No Place for Waste is a Blenheim Films production feature documentary, directed by Candida Brady, that received a Special Screening at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival and various awards including the Toyota Earth Grand Prix Special Jury prize.
    In response to the question, “What do you want people to do once they’ve seen the film?”, Jeremy Irons says:
    I would like them to research whether there is a waste-to-energy plant [incinerator] planned for their area, and, if there is, to oppose it. If there is not, then to discover how their local council deals with their waste…I would like them to use their ingenuity to discover how they can reduce waste both at home and in their workplace…And I would like them to tell their friends to see Trashed.
    Candida Brady spent over two years researching and filming Trashed, speaking with some of the leading lights in the world of zero waste / anti-incineration campaigning. Candida is quoted as saying: “As a lifelong asthmatic I have always been interested in the effects of pollution. But it was meeting an environmental doctor (who saved my life) that opened my eyes to the direct effects the environment has on our health“.
    The official Trashed website explains how “having faced the worst through much of Trashed, Jeremy Irons turns to hope. He goes in search of solutions. From individuals who have changed their lives and produce almost no waste, to increasing anti-waste legislation, to an entire city that is now virtually waste-free, he discovers that change is not only essential, but happening”.
    The film is described as a visually and emotionally powerful film that manages to be both horrific and beautiful. Jeremy takes the viewer on a journey to explore the risks to the food chain and the environment through the pollution of our air, land and sea by household trash.
    This is a wake up call but a positive one. It ends on a message of hope - we can all do something and stop the problem. The film has already garnered a considerable worldwide grassroots following with the trailer already viewed over one million times. Trashed will qualify for Academy Award consideration with a wider, global theatrical release to follow in 2013. It features a soundtrack composed and performed by another Academy Award Winner, Vangelis.
    The film is not currently available for purchase, but you can register you interest at:

  • Run the 2013 Virgin London Marathon for SportsAid
  1. SportsAid currently has one place left for the 2013 Virgin London Marathon and we would like to offer our supporters in Yorkshire the chance to run the race to raise funds for SportsAid.
  2. If you are interested in taking this place, please contact me as soon as you can, either by email or by calling 0113 242 7627. The final deadline for registering runners is the 18th of January so we’d need to hear from you with time to spare before that date. SportsAid recommends a minimum suggested fundraising total of £1,000 per Marathon runner. This amount would support two of Yorkshire’s best emerging athletes in the coming year.
  3. Raising funds for SportsAid is an incredibly topical and worthwhile thing to do – SportsAid is one of the leading organisations currently working on the Olympic legacy. We’ve been supporting Yorkshire’s sports stars of tomorrow for years now and had supported most of the Yorkshire medallists at the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. With your support, we hope to have an even greater impact at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and at the 2016 Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro. For more information about SportsAid and the athletes we support, please visit
  4. Thank you for your support and we’d be delighted to hear from you if you are interested in filling our final place at the 2013 Virgin London Marathon.
  5. You may also be interested in the next Event:  Join us for our 82nd Lunch in Harrogate on the 13th of January
  6.  Tom Lennon
  7. Regional Officer | SportsAid Y&H | Helping the sports stars of tomorrow today

  • Rural Broadband Provision
    At a recent meeting of the Council’s Rural Members Advisory Group, it was agreed that a briefing note on the latest position regarding broadband provision in rural areas, prepared by the Council’s Economic Development Officer, be forwarded to parish clerks.
    If you wish to comment on the contents of the briefing or need further information, I should be pleased if you would respond to the Economic Development Officer direct, at


  • Notes from Symposium

  • EARLY NEIGHBOURHOOD PLANS AND WHAT THEY ARE DOING - Information and insight for parish and town councils
  1. See

  • Questions for NYCC - From: Peter and Carole Topham
  1. Dear All,
    I have listed a number of consultations that NYCC are having on budget cuts. Maybe you could attend one of these and ask our beloved leaders why they need to cut £22 million when they are going to spend an eye watering £1.4 Billion over 25 years on an expensive overpriced old fashioned incinerator ?
    Based on the presentation that the more trade waste generated the more NYCC earns, then the projected cost to the domestic user is grossly overpriced. If not then how does increased trade waste give greater income?
    On the environmental slide, who says that AWRP is beneficial in the short and medium term?
    There are consultation events starting in December in Northallerton about spending, how is he going to explain this ridiculous funding mess?
    Dates are:
    December 11th Northallerton Library at 6.30pm attendees NYCC
    December 13th Scarborough Library at 6.30pm attendees NYCC
    January 10th Belle Vue Mills Skipton at 6.30pm NYCC and Craven District Council
    January 15th Pickering Library at 6.30pm NYCC and Ryedale District Council
    January 16th Harrogate Library at 6.30pm NYCC
    January 17th Selby Library at 6.30pm NYCC and Selby District Council
    January 22nd Richmond School at 6.30pm NYCC and Richmondshire District Council

  1. On 26 November Government published its decision on how the tax base will be calculated following the introduction of the localising support for council tax scheme.   Hopefully members will be aware that the tax base for their parish is an important component in the calculation of council tax to be paid in relation to the precept that is levied by the council.
    Members will recall that the original intention was that the tax base would be reduced by the value of the support given to council tax payers who were entitled to help under the local schemes introduced by billing authorities.  (These schemes will replace the national council tax benefit arrangements currently in place).  The effect of this is that a higher rate of tax will be needed to generate any given amount of revenue.
    The attached briefing note explains  the situation as of today and encourages all precepting councils and parish meetings to contact their principal authority for information on how it proposes to handle the issue.  As mentioned in the briefing paper, YLCA has written to all of the principal authorities encouraging them to ensure that they embrace the Government’s expectation that funds will be passed to local councils and to ensure that the method used will be fair and equitable to both council tax payers and the local council or parish meeting.
    Yours sincerely
    Sheena Spence
14th January 2013

Parish Council mailings for meeting on 14th January 2013