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    Hampsthwaite Memorial Hall is participating as a venue for the Nidd Art Trail over the August 2015 Bank Holiday Weekend. Dayna Cowper will be exhibiting her work - and there is also an opportunity for childen to 'have a go'! Dayna is a Nidderdale based painter and photographer who has shown her work in many local and regional exhibitions. Her abstract paintings are in oil or watercolour, evoking the patterns and features found in landscape.  They reflect her love of walking in the countryside and on the hills and mountains in many parts of the country. So do come and look in to see what's going on - and bring the children (Dayna will bring paper, pencils, felt tip pens, paint etc. for them to use)
  • Feast and Show 2015

    Hampsthwaite Feast and Show 2015 was held on 18th and 19th July Theme : 'Ghouls and Monsters"  
  • Feast and Show 2015

    Hampsthwaite Feast and Show 2015 will be held on 18th and 19th July Theme : 'Ghouls and Monsters"  
  • Dancing for Well-Being

    Come and enjoy music, fun and laughter with like-minded people at the Dancing for Well-Being group at the Village Room on Wednesdays at 11.00 a.m. til 12.30 p.m.You can dance SITTING or STANDING, you don't need a partner, you can move at the right level for you, and you don't need a good memory.Dancing for Well-Being is ideal if you find other exercise/dance classes too much, e.g. if you have mobility/balance problems, use a walking aid or wheelchair, have arthritis or have dementia.The cost is £4, which includes refreshments. For more information you can visit or call Jackie Terry on 01423 531235, or email her at
  • The Yorkshire Roman Roads Project

    In the Historic county of Yorkshire, there are an estimated 1060 miles of Roman road, possibly more, of which about 480 are known with reasonable certainty (45%), making the picture in Yorkshire fairly typical. Given that Yorkshire has a wide variety of topography that is fairly representative of all the kinds of terrain through which Roman roads were built in Britain and therefore representative of the variations in planning and construction, it makes an ideal starting point for a study of Britain’s Roman roads.
  • Mail Merge Lists

    Contact details of friends and family for example, can be entered into a spreadsheet or database application to create lists which can be stored, edited, sorted and used to produce outputs such as address labels. Common 'Office Suites' of software include both a spreadsheet application and a wordprocessor which, when used in combination, can accomplish the task. See the section on for further details.
  • Using Office

    An Office Suite is a collection of general productivity software used to create documents, presentations, diagrams, charts an calculations etc. Office Suites usually comprise: wordprocessor, spreadsheet, database and some form of presentation software. Microsoft Office has become the 'industry standard' but other online and free versions exist which may be perfectly adequate for the home user - and they are FREE! All applications listed below are capable of sharing files with each other and with the paid for MS Office. Microsoft Office vs OpenOffice / LibreOffice - (YouTube Video) LibreOffice 4 liberates you from Microsoft Office - PC World Review
  • Using Free Online Tools

    All links to software listed below are given in good faith to what are believed to be reputable sources and not just time-limited demos. Some are 'lite' versions of more comprehensive commercial products and others, quite reasonably, include the offer to make a voluntary donation to support their continued development.
  • Computing Wednesdays 2015

     Introduction: A series of relaxed drop-in sessions for anyone who wants to refine their internet skills – or for complete beginners. Bring your own laptops (preferred) or use one of ours. Just come and have a go amongst friends – you could save a fortune!Topics to be covered can include: Getting your laptops into shape – cleaning up and making safe. Keeping safe online – FREE computer security and how to avoid scams Sending and receiving emails and adding attachments. Searching for the best deals online – e.g. Car Insurance, Utilities, claiming Asda vouchers Using FREE online tools such as Google Mail, Calendar, Translator and Picasa to look after your holiday snaps. Using ‘Office’ type software (including the FREE Open Office or Office Libre) Setting up a Christmas Card list and printing out address labels . . . and for those who wish to go further . . .we could set up in a corner a bit of drawing of house plans etc. using the FREE Google SketchUp or even write your own web site pages (time and previous experience permitting All this for just £5 per session to cover the costs of the Broadband provision and resource maintenance (room hire and tutor* costs are completely FREE) . . . and . . . please, please, PLEASE remember to bring with you a note of any email addresses, passwords and usernames that you might use – plus your mobile phone if that is how you are reminded of them *Tutored by Geoff Howard and Keiron McGeever – both with (too many!) years of experience of organising and teaching computing in schools
  • Computer Maintenance

    In normal use, computers become cluttered with unused data, temporary files and bits of information scattered about the disc drives. Procedures such as Disc Defragmentation and Disc Clean-up alleviate this problem. Defragmentation is usually automated in Windows7 and 8 so can be ignored, but both operations can be accessed and checked. Disc Clean-up needs to be done manually - but only occasionally. Hardly any software is completely free of weaknesses which malware can eventually exploit. Software also becomes out of date or needs new features adding. For these reasons it is essential to keep Windows up to date and the best way to do this is to ensure it is done automatically. Scheduling automatic updates should also ensure your Windows Firewall is always on but this can be checked within the Security drop-down inside the Action Centre which is accessed via the Systems and Security section of the Control Panel (or just search for Firewall). Anti-virus sofware is used to protect computers against malware attack and must always be kept up to date but can never be 100% effective. For this reason it is a good idea also to regularly scan with a malware removal tool - to 'catch the ones that got away'. Advertising 'pop-ups' are not neccessarily malware - but can be an annoying nuisance. Some pop-up ads are malicious browser extensions added when you install other free software (video recording/streaming, download-managers or PDF creators) that have adware bundled into the installation.
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Hampsthwaite is a North Yorkshire village 5 miles north west of Harrogate and lying to the south of the river Nidd.